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Has anyone started a prewedding beauty routine? So far I have just started an at home facial mask weekly. I should be doing it anyway not just because of getting married. Any one else doing things to prepare for the big day beauty wise ahead of time?

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    I got a chemical peel 3 weeks beforehand, and a mild facial one week before. I also drank a ton of water (but I usually do that anyways).
    And becaue I didn't tan in a bed or do a spray tan, a couple of weeks out I started doing a very subtle self-tanning lotion.
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    I started my beauty routine over a year ago.  I wash my face with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple - I use my Olay brush for this (the inexpensive version of the Clarisonic Mia).  I put Strivectin's eye concentrate under my eyes (works wonders on dark circles and puffiness) and I also use manuka honey face cream.  Once a week, I use Philosophy's Triple Acid Brightening Peel.  For any pimples that happened to pop up, I've been using an aspirin mask.

    I plan on continuing this routine after our wedding too, because it has worked very well for me.
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    The best advice I can give is to be dilligent in your daily routine:  cleanse your face every night, no sleeping in your makeup, wear sunscreen, drink water, eat healthy, etc.

    Two months before the wedding I got a chemical peel and 2 weeks before the wedding, I gave up caffeine and salt.  On my wedding day, my skin looked the best it has ever looked.
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    I splurged on a Clarisonic through QVC and it's been worth every penny.  My skin is already looking the best it ever has.  I've been diligent since September about using a more high end face cream at night, cleansing in the evening with Purity by Philosophy (with the Clarisonic) and using an exfoliating face scrub in the morning.  Always, always moisturizer under make-up.  I'm also using an eye cream regularly as well.

    I am getting a facial the week before the wedding.  I have also ensured I have both a good esthetician and waxer.   

    I'll second the drinking tons of water and being mindful of what you eat.
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