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whats the difference between eye primer and regular primer? and a couple more...

what is the difference between the two?

After watching a few youtube videos, ive decided to buy a highlighter. Is the hightlighter a thing by itself of do people just usually use a frosty lipstick or creme shawdow??

Everytime i go into Sephora, I leave. its too i usesd to be into makeup soooooo much but the last few years  ive been slipping. I have no idea what to go in and even look for lol.  I plan on going in to see what foundations, powders they recommend, but what about eyeshawdow pallettes? I wear a natural look everyday, and would like a natural smokey eye for the wedding day with a little bit of sparkle. what brand would you suggest besides the urban decay naked pallete?

Has anyone every tried to use the monistat chafing creme vs. a primer from sephora? is there a huge difference? I have normal skin, no blemishes so Im wondering if this could be a cheaper option for me or should I just splurge on the primer.

What is your favorite drug store mascara? Ive been using maybeline falsies, but Im planning on going back to my old favorite for the wedding, the voluminous by loreal i believe

Re: whats the difference between eye primer and regular primer? and a couple more...

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    Love, love, love Stila's In the Light palette.  It's got a good mix of mattes, frosts, and shimmers.  Neutrals, but definitely some good ones to create a smoky eye.  I use it daily.  It comes with a "look book" showing you how to create 6 different looks, and they range from very natural (perfect for work) to very dramatic. 

    My favorite drug store mascara is Cover Girl Lash Blast.

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    I'm not sure if you are talking about the difference between a foundation primer and eye primer, but there is a difference between the two. (At least for the brand I use) The foundation primer is used to create a smooth surface for foundation, helps hold foundation longer, remove/keep away any excess oils on your skin, hide scars, line wrinkles or blemishes on the skin. Foundation primer is usually alot "lighter" than eye primer and sometimes contains SPF. On the other hand, eye primer is used to prevent your eye color from "creasing", holds the color longer as well as enhance the color (especially with mineral powder eye colors). For a while I only used foundation primer and even used it on my eyes. But after trying the eye primer too...I realized how different they were.

    I personally do not go anywhere without my foundation primer. I love it! Since you said that you wear a more natural look everyday, I would reccommend playing with different looks until you feel comfortable or find a look you want. I work with alot of brides who come to me knowing that they want a smokey eye, but walk out with something completely different. lol A "true" smokey eye is alot of makeup, which looks very different if you are not used to it. When I practice new looks, I put a different one on everyday. :) Best of luck!
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    For highlighters- I love benefit's Highbeam, BUT you can do just as well with a frosty cream eyeshadow if it's not a look you plan on using often. They do sell highlighters by themselves, but I don't think they HAVE to be a makeup case staple.   I got it in a bundle and love how subtle it is. I  used it on my cheek bone and under my brow bone and it lifts my eyes and makes my cheeks look awesome.
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    You can get your makeup done at Sephora with just the purchase of a $50 gift card. I got my makeup done for engagement pictures, boudoir pictures, and my rehearsal dinner. You get over an hour of one on one time with a consultant, and you can pretty much try out any product in the store. Plus if you intend on spending $50 there anyways, why not?
    I would highly recommend getting an appointment and going in. I LOVE it.
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    Highlighter is an amazing product, especially if you want to do some contouring for a really dramatic look. My favorite is from Arbonne, but it's pricey, around $40. I've also heard good things about Highbeam from benefit, and another great, and ridiculously cheap one that I've tried is from ELF, called Shimmering Facial Whip (if you're darker skinned I'd go for Lilac Petal, I prefer the Spotlight though).

    I just got the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette and I LOVE it. Totally using it for my wedding :) The other one I really like is from ELF, Endless Eyes Pro Mini pallette, in Natural, very very similar to the UD Naked. and at $5, it's totally worth it.

    I've tried the Monistat, not for me. I couldn't get over the fact that I was wearing chaffing gel on my face />.<. My favorite facial primer is Smashbox Photo Finish, I use the green tinted one because I have a lot of red in my face. It's silky smooth. ELF also has a great primer, I usually buy that if I'm strapped for cash. They also have some great eye primers as well. (Honestly, I know people have a hit or miss with ELF, but I've never had a problem with their products and I have extremely sensative acne prone skin. And you can get a bucketload of make up for under $50)

    As for mascara, I'm no help there, I change my brand every week to mix it up a bit.

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