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HELP! Sunburn...

Help me please! I just went outside on Friday, and despite wearing SPF 50, I missed a spot right by my brastrap and have a nasty sunburn line. My wedding is in 5 days and I have a strapless dress. Any way to get rid of it? Lessen it? Cover it? 
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Re: HELP! Sunburn...

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    I did this last year when I got a nasty sunburn and it totally worked for me.
    Get white vinegar and put it on a cotton ball (like you would toner), and rub it all over the burn, and then put aloe gel over it. Do that a couple times a day. It's pretty stinky but it made my burn go away in like 2 days. Good luck!

    ETA: I definitely read this on Pinterest or something, I didn't make it up, but I can't find the website now.
  • I have fair skin and have done what cwgg did. I've also gotten a black tea bag that has been steepe and put it directly on the burn.
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  • If you have dry, delicate, sensitive skin, aloe can be very astringent and make things worse!

    My father always put a cream or gel containing sillver on my sunburns when I was a kid.  He's a doctor but not dermatologist so take it as you will.

    Drinking lots of extra water or gatorade can help plump up your skin and disguise/get rid of that 'sunburned skin texture' that sometimes hangs around a few days after the redness is gone.
  • I use noxzema ( spelled wrong i know i hope you understand it) i rub it on a few times a day it takes the sting out keeps it from peeling and works in like a few days. 
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