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Strapless Dress, Funky Tan Lines

I bought my wedding dress.  It's flowy and strapless and I feel like I could wear it all day.  I'm totally in love with it.  I'm definitely not in love with my funky tan lines.

I tend to spend all summer (and most of winter) in a tank top...  hence the funky tan lines.  They're very obvious since my un-tanned color is a very pale white.  How do I make them less noticeable?

I'm really sensitive to the sun, so I burn within a few minutes in the sun.  A tanning bed is not the option for me. 

I also have really sensitive skin.  To give you an example, opening a new bar of soap will cause a major breakout - even if the soap is the same brand and formula as the one I just finished.  The same thing will happen with new shampoo bottles.  And I definitely can't wear perfume or lotion.

Any ideas?  I was thinking of trying a bronzer on the tan lines.  Do you guys think that will work?

Re: Strapless Dress, Funky Tan Lines

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    Personally, I suggest staying out of the sun and letting the tan lines fade before the wedding.  It's hard to cover them, even with airbrushing. You have plenty of time to work on it.  I walked at lunch all summer to stay in shape and got the lines, so I stayed out of the sun starting a few months before, but still had to get a Verspa span tan AND use bronzer.

    Just not getting the lines in the first place is easiest.
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    yep, you have nearly a year to get rid of the lines. just make sure you're wearing a very strong spf (like 50) when out in the sun no matter what, and reapply every hour. and possibly, if you get tan lines anyway with sunblock, maybe switch to tube tops in the summer?

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    Ditto PP's. Maybe some sort of self tanner could help blend your tan lines.
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    Get thee to an expert in air brushing. I had my wedding in Maui  and my make-up expert was a total pro in getting rid of bathing suit lines and burns.
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    Here is what I plan to do:

    Use Jergen's Natural Glow over the course of the next month or so. (yes, I will try to put it on every night and really hope to see my tan lines fade and develop a nice, subtle, glow)

    Then, I am going to buy the St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse and use that about a week before the wedding. I looked up TONS of reviews of this product on YouTube and it looks awesome! I think it's worth the money, even if I buy the 4 oz, which is cheaper.

    I hope this helps you out. I have tan line I'm trying to get rid of for my March wedding, so here is what I plan to do.

    Good Luck! :)
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