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gel nails

i got french tips yesterday with gel.  i am doing it as a trial for my wedding, but also because i get sick of giving myself manicures all the time.
anyway, they hurt today.  do you know if this is normal?

also how do they take them off? i only want them on for a few weeks and then get silks i think. any info you have on gels or sick wraps would be great.  my nails break after i grow them out so i want to have something for the wedding. 

Re: gel nails

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    i went to a place called nails 4 us lol.   how long do i hve to wait til i take them off?  i am thinking of getting silk wraps.  i dont think those are as damaging as these or acryllics.
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    "The Asian shops actually take alot of shortcuts and don't follow state board regulations, which makes them a huge liability since many don't even do them correctly, causing customers to suffer at their expense."

    And now we know why racism still exists.  Thank you, PP, for keeping it alive and kicking today.

    That actually is not true.  I wouldn't base it on Asians versus not.  I would base it on a high end salon versus walkin at the tacky corner shop. 

    I would recommend gel over silk b/c the gels are more natural (yea, an oxymoron for "artifiical nails".)  They'll come off with an acetone remover.  It'll take you some time.  Or, if you're just going to get them redone, when you go to get them redone, have them take these off.  A lot of the prep work will already be done. :)

    I only get artifical nails (yes, gel) for fancy occasions.  I can't have nail polish or fake nails for my job, so it's very limiting.  However, about once a year, something comes up and I do it.  They do hurt, a little, when I get them done, though.  I always figured it was just b/c it feels different, is thicker/heavier than my natural nails.  Usually after about 2 days the pain is completely gone and I don't notice them any more.
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    I feel bad telling you this because just like some ppl said, they probably filed your natural nail too much and that's why they are hurting, but.... you can't do a soak off with gels, they are resistant to acetone unlike acrylic. Gels HAVE to be gently filed down; I would do this at a nicer place if you aren't comfortable going back to the place that put them on. Another place may charge you $10-15 for a gel removal, but it would be best to go somewhere were they are cautious since your nail beds are hurting. Sorry though that's terrible; gels are usually great.

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    oh no.  i am not going to have them do it because i dont trust it.  i really hope that they dont ruin my nails
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:358Discussion:5e2a1b18-0ccb-491a-b895-e34538e449e4Post:cea8e7d1-8fc4-40f9-ab13-f5e832837d0c">Re: gel nails</a>:
    [QUOTE] <strong>you can't do a soak off with gels, they are resistant to acetone unlike acrylic. Gels HAVE to be gently filed down</strong>

    THIS.  As I mentioned in your other post - if they can be soaked off, they are NOT gels.  Gels do not dissolve in acetone. 
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