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Black Hair?!

Hello everyone! So I've had black hair pretty much most of my life. See, I was born with black hair. Since I spend a lot of time in the sun, it gets kind of bleached and fades to like a reddish brown. So, I dye it black to maintain that "natural" look. I recently went to my hair trial and my hairstyle has these cute little braids in the back but you can't really see them too great because the hair is too dark. Also, when I used to volunteer for an animal shelter someone told me that black cats and dogs don't get adopted out as quick because they never photograph well... So I'm worried that my black hair may not photograph well. Anyways. I wan't to look natural but I don't know if there's anything I could do to bring out the braids and curls. Or  should I just leave it black? This isn't great pic, but it's all I've got here. TIA everyone!!

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Re: Black Hair?!

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    I have very dark brown hair and when I have curly up-dos, my hair just looks like a blob in photos.  I decided to get highlights for our wedding.  I went with a darker blonde shade, but my hair didn't take to it very well and it ended up more of a lighter reddish-brown shade.  Regardless, I think it helps.  It's not drastic and it looks natural.  

    If you decide to do something like this, I recommend going soon then touching up before your wedding.  I went for the first time in August.  I liked how it turned out, so I just went back last weekend for touchups before our wedding.
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    I agree with lls31. Get some reddish-brown highlights  to add some dimension, you may even consider going with two colors a few shades apart. If you hair is all dark, it will be difficult to see, but if you hair doesn't have natural variation, it makes creating visual dimension more difficult.

    I grew up in and around a hair salon- traditionally highlights are done every 8-12 weeks, but what I suggest is you get a full set done soon to see how you like it, then just get the front and top touched up about 2 or so weeks before the big day giving you some time just in case.

    Regardless of what your colorist tells you, you won't need another full set right before the big day if you don't want to pay for one. Unless your hair is parted down the back of your hair for like pigtail braids, or somehting, you only need a few  (6-8 total) along your part, face and crown so roots aren't visible.
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    This can also be solved with a great photographer that understands your concerns.  If you mention to the photographer that it is important, they will take the time to make the flash catches the hairstyle properly.

    I also have dark hair and I have seen it photographed in good light and in light that washes the details out.  Lighitng for photos is the photographers job so I would start there.
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    Balayage, balayage, balayage.

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    These are some great suggestions! Thanks ladies!
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