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Covering acne scars?

I have never had alot of acne and I never really picked at them (sorry for the gross reference) but I have a few acne scars on my cheek and one near my eyebrow. A lot of the makeups I have tried are very cakey and are not very photogenic. Our wedding is going to be outside and some of the ones I have tried don't look very well in the sunlight. I do not enjoy having these scars and would LOVE to have them disappear or at least be well concealed on my wedding day.I scar extremely easily anyway so I guess this was basically inevitable.
Is there any makeup that you could recommend to cover them or products that work well to fade spots?
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Re: Covering acne scars?

  • Airbrush ! I have the same problem, and I have my own airbrush makeup machine at home (its totally worth the money!). Idk if you have the same problem, but when I use regular concealer on scars they end up looking a purplish color. So not helpful. The airbrush covers everything evenly, is very light, and stays on all day even in the summer heat. I highly recommend it !
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  • My 15 year old daughter was in my wedding and at the time had pretty bad acne.  When my MUA saw her, she gently told me that she did not think regular makeup would cover it and asked if she could airbrush her.  My daughter's skin looked flawless and beautiful, even with a very light application.  If it is in your budget, I would recommend it.

  • I have no acne, but plenty of acne scars. I'm going for airbrush just because it's more long lasting. 

    I have had success with Lancome foundations and Booing concealer by benefit. I also use Bare Minerals and just apply over the scars with a foundation brush rather than fluffy brush. Those methods don't last all day though. 

    Try using Clinique's "even better skin tone corrector". I've been using for about four weeks and have seen some really great results so far. 
  • I have some acne scars and my t-zone tends to be oily and I have dryness in the winter. I love the Lancome oil-free foundation..teint idole (I think). It's long wearing which is a plus for weddings, and it could probably withstand an outdoor wedding. 

    I also love love love Paula Dorf perfect glo foundation. It comes in a compact and it's rather thick, but you can apply it as lightly or heavily as you want, depending on your coverage preference. It is great for dry skin. 
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  • How much does a airbrush machine cost? And are they easy to use?
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  • Airbrush all the way!  You will look flawless!
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  • Airbrush sounds perfect for me. WHere can I get it and how much roughly?

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  • It looks like you have some time to go, so why not try to treat the scars?  I have had scars in the past, but have managed to even out my skin since.  At WalMart or Target there are many products from a company called Acne Free.  They make a scar treatment cream and it drastically faded my scaring.  I will say it tends to be oily and at the time of using it my face that had since cleared up began to break out ever so slightly with its use, but never so bad to leave more scars.  It didn't drastically make a difference, but there was still some very faint marks. Clinique has a product that even vanished those.  Not sure what it is called, but I am sure someone at your Clinique counter would know.
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