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Why won't my lashes stay curled?

This isn't really WR, but more day to day.

I know they will stay curled all day because they've done it before, but that was forever ago. I made the mistake of tossing my old curler years ago when I got a new one and have since switched mascaras a million times.

I don't know if it's the curler or mascara... =/

I've tried warming the curler before using and it helps, but as soon as I apply mascara and about a minute passes, they flatten out again... *sigh*

Would anyone know? I want to know what I'm supposed to change. I don't really want to change the mascara (mineral by E.L.F.) I don't really love the mascara, but the wand is amazing...

Re: Why won't my lashes stay curled?

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    Are you curling them for a long enough time. My best tip is to use a good curler and hold it for the count of ten at the base of your lashes, bring it a little and curl again holding for the count of 10. This will curl them and make them have a more natural looking curl. If that's not the issue then i would try a different mascara. Benefit and Clinique have some AWESOME mascaras, but if you're looking for something a little cheaper, I would use Maybelline's Great Lash mascara - it's fabulous and used by a lot of pro makeup artists I have interacted with!
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    I always heat up my lash curler with the hair dryer - then test with my hand to make sure it's cooled off enough before I apply it to my lashes.  I curl in 2 places - near the tip of the lashes and again closer to the base.

    I am totally a mascara junkie - I've used L'oreal, Maybelline, and tried out the pricey stuff too - Dior.  My favorite is the orange Cover Girl Lash Blast.  I've also tried the purple CG Lash Blast fusion/waterproof and it works well too but a pain to remove!  I just got the Benefit They're Real mascara and this one is working really well too.
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    I'd invest in a good mascara. I have short, straight lashes but using the Shu Emura eyelash curler and Lancome Hypnose mascara has worked wonders :)

    I don't heat the curler or hold it on my lashes very long, just press a few times at the base of my lashes and I'm good to go. 
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    Hmm... I think it may be both. I tried using a different mascara, but they did the same thing. I think the mascara is weighing it down and the curler isn't curling very often. I have to hold it very hard for a long time while warm... and it barely does anything. Okay... I guess I'll pick up a different curler and mascara this weekend then. *sigh* I wish I could remember what I used to use. >.<
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    Shu Emura eyelash curler really is great, but you can't buy it in the US anymore.  My new favorite is the one by Urban decay.  It works really well once you learn how to use it.

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