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Day-of schedule craziness

I am having a little trouble with figuring out the timing with the salon where I am getting my hair and make-up done. Here is the background: I need to be dressed and ready for pictures at 1, the salon is about 15-20 minutes away from the ceremony location, the ladies and I will need to eat, there are 8 people getting thier hair done, and possibily a totaly of 3 for make-up, there are 3 hair stylists and one lady for make-up. The salon seems to think that we don't need to start until 10, which seems really late to me. I am not much of a hair person, but is it possible to do 8 formal styles in 2 hours? I feel like it should start at 9 to give us enough time, but the salon has been resistive to starting that early. What are my options? Is it possible to make a seperate part of the contract giving my party additional discounts for how much past 12 it gets (5% every 15 minutes)? Thanks in advance.

Re: Day-of schedule craziness

  • With 3 hair stylists for 8 hairdos, including the bride, I would allow 2 hours:  an hour for you and 30 minutes for each BM.  This is only possible because there are 3 stylists.

    Makeup should take around 30 minutes each, so an hour and a half with 1 artist. 

    Where are you dressing?  At the ceremony location?  Because you need to allow at least 20 minutes to dress, plus travel time.  Personally, I would say leave the salon at 12, travel to the site, arriving before 12:30 and dress there.  You don't want to be rushed at the end of getting ready, take it from someone who knows.

    As far as eating, can you have a light breakfast brought to the salon?  I don't see you having time for lunch really.  If not, I would eat something before leaving for the salon.

    Long story short, I agree with you--I would feel alot better starting at 9, 9:30 at the latest.
  • Give yourself as much time as you need.  The vendor isn't getting married, you are.  You'll never regret giving yourself extra time.
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