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Thinking of doing my hair this way

I was thinking of having my hair done this way   but my hair is not as thick as the one in the picture. I was thinking of adding some hair to give it more volume or ask my stylist to just spray more root lifter. 

What do you think? Is is too casual for a wedding? I was also going to add a barrette or haircomb in the back.  I was thinking of wearing a cathedral veil but where would I attach it since the top part of the hair style is poofed up? 

Re: Thinking of doing my hair this way

  • I don't think its too casual at all. My hair is shorter and also not as thick but I did a semi similar hairstyle. I also had a much shorter veil than you plan to have but I will put a PIP and maybe it could help :)
  • My hair is not overly thin. Right now it's really long (almost down to my waist) so I was thinking of cutting it about 4 inches within the next month and then another trim in February so it would be about the same length similar to the pic by August.

    When I style my hair I usually use a nice volumizing shampoo, root lifter, blow dry then I i put velcro rollers and my hair looks nice after almost similar to pageant!
    The other thing is that it will be hot in August so while I am not having an outdoor wedding I will be taking photos outdoor for about 1-2 hrs, should I be concern with the humidity and at least try to look at some updos just in case. I prefer to not do an updo though but I do not want  my hair to look flat during the reception. 
  • I left all of my hair down - just a couple of bobby pins and a comb on one side to pull it back a little bit.

    If you are worried about the weather in August (I had a nice, hot, and breezy August day) I would actually go with a high-end super hot curling iron to get your curls.  They will set stronger than velcro rollers and with some hairspray should last all day.  They'll start curlier and then work their way looser as you go.  My hair was done at 10 am, started photos at noon, ceremony at 3 and dinner by 6.  You can check my bio for that.

    As far as anchoring the veil in the poof goes I think it depends on how long you want to leave it in for and how heavy it might be.  I only used mine during the ceremony and my hairstylist teased the top/back of my head to hold it in.  Just anchored it before the ceremony and took it out afterwards.  If you plan to wear it longer then I would go with underneath the poof. 
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