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Super dry elbows help

hey guys,

I have noticed my elbows are SUPER dry and bumpy. I cant get them to go back to normal. I have  been putting vaseline on them and wrapping them at night to lock in the moisture but its still not getting much  better. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this and get them smooth in time for my wedding (31 days)

Thanks for any advice!
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Re: Super dry elbows help

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    Have you tried a scrub? Either homemade or from a bath and body store. Also maybe try like a cocobutter since its super thick or I really love body butters from the body shop store. You can go online if you dont have one by your area. I'd scrub first then cake that on!
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    can you continually moisturize during the day? Vaseline blocks moisture from getting out, but it can also prevent moisture from getting in. Can you use a thick creme like Nivea in the evening and letting it soak in before you put on vaseline? Also, maybe exfoliate by dry brushing before a shower and then using a sugar scrub and mositurizing with a creme afterward.

    I've also heard good things about the moisturizer CeraVie (sp?) and cocoa butter moisturizers. Good luck!
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    Use St. Ives apricot scrub on them in the shower. Then vitamin e gel to moisturize. You can find vitamin e gel at a whole foods type store or you can order online. You can check your local Walgreens/ CVS. Ours don't carry it but yours might. If that doesn't work and it really matters to you, invest in a chemical peel. You can get it done at the salon or get a kit at Sephora (Philosphy makes a good one). 
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    Thanks for all your help guys! I'll be looking into all of your suggestions!
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    Aveeno eczema care lotion and bodywash

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    [QUOTE]Thanks for all your help guys! I'll be looking into all of your suggestions!
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    Gold bond moisterizers are alwasy great for arms and legs! I use it almost every day in the winter
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    eucerin is good.  and personally i stick with aveeno, also aveeno body wash.

    use your lotion every single day after you shower, and if you want to be safe you can use it before you go to bed.  don't bother with the saran wrap, just using the vasoline alone would be better.

    i have eczema, so i'm pretty damn familiar with dry skin.
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    I'm going to second the Eucerin. Its the only thing that really, really helps. (I even get dry spots on my face that bump up and this takes care of it) You have to be sure to apply regularly though.
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    I'm a huge fan of Mary kay's extra emollient night cream. It is miraculous!
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