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    Degree for Women.  In the summer I wear a lot of sleeveless dresses and this is the only deodorant I've found that really works.
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  • try mitchum the gel or the 1 that looks like an egg (cant think of what its called)
  • Dove clinical strength. Amazing. 
  • I am in the SAME boat....and very nervous about sweating on my June wedding day.  I use Secret with the little twist knob on the bottom, most others don't work for me.  I tried one of the Mitchums but is left my underarms feeling wet then sticky.  Be careful with clinical strength deoderant on your wedding day, maybe use it for a couple of weeks before the big day ( I think this is what I might do) works b/c of increased aluminum content...I doubt it would happen after one day but it's the aluminum that can get trapped in clothes and stain them with that sparkle.  It happens to my FI's undershirts all the time.  I would hate to have that stuck on your dress.

    Congrats and best of luck!
  • I have used something called  Certain Dri. It actually closes your sweat glands for about 72 hrs. Don't use it right after you shave so maybe put in on two nights before your wedding then use any deodorant on the day of. It's probably not all that great to use ALL of the time but I love it for interviews etc. and will definitely be using it on my big day! You can just buy it at the grocery store or pharmacy.
  • I currently live in Mexico, and have a lot of problems with perspiration in my armpits.  Here I use Secret Clinical Strength.  It's not clear, but it doesn't leave white marks.  It's recommended that you put it on the night before.  

    It's super strong and even in this 40 degree celcius heat, I'm applying it now every two days (even stays strong through shower).
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    I'll second the Certain Dri rec - you put it on at night, and you don't need to wear any deodorant during the day. Normally I sweat a LOT there - none with this after 2 nights in a row! After that I can go every other day. HTH!
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