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Has anyone been on accutane?

Just wondering personal experiences...thinking about going on it...ik the pregnancy warnings but that's about it. Iv had body acne which is irritating! Proactive worked for a little while but seems to not work at all anymore for my face :( I'm sad lol I hate acne

Re: Has anyone been on accutane?

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    Do not take Accutane.  I did when I was 13 year old, but now they have discovered a lot of serious side effects.  I am in Nursing school & it is one of the top medications that causes birth defects.  
    It's very dangerous.
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    I was also on Accutane when I was about 13 years old - that was about 12 years ago so things may have changed since then. I'd encourage you to not consider it unless you suffer from severe, cystic acne that hasn't responded to any other treatments. You're required to be on the birth control pill and I was also required to have blood work completed periodically. I had to stop taking it because my liver enzyme levels were wacky and I was having other physical side effects. Definitely talk to a dermatologist about other acne treatments that you can try first. There are a lot of other effective treatments besides Accutane. I've heard that it works well for many people, but the side effects can potentially be severe.

    ETA: I also get how much acne sucks. I've been battling it for about 13 years and have finally gotten my face under control. I did my homework and was finally able to find a dermatologist who knew how to treat adult acne.
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    What are you using now? Topical..oral? I'm going to make an appointment with the dermatologist on Monday.
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    I also took Accutane when I was a kid, about 15 years old.  I had wacky liver enzymes for close to 10 years after I took it, and my skin, lips and hair are constantly dry as a side effect from it (ever since I took it 14 years ago).  I would advise against using it unless you have severe cystic acne that you have been trying to treat with everything and nothing else has worked.  There are so many other options out there.

    It also doesn't work forever.  I was breakout free until I hit my mid twenties, and now I have hormonal breakouts, but they are less severe than when I was a kid (I had severe cystic acne).
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    For me personally, most benzoyl peroxide (e.g., Proactiv) and salicylic acid face washes irritated my skin and made it worse. My derm prescribed a sodium sulfacetamide wash for my face and body and it works really well in combination with topicals. I also get facials every 6-8 weeks which has done wonders for my skin. Hope that you have good results with the dermatologist!
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    Your derm will probably not jump straight to accutane.

    Most likely, they will try you on an antibiotic with less terrible side effects before trying that.
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    I only breakout once in a while but I started using Murad with the clairsonic Mia. It's been working great so far.
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    As someone who works at a dermatology office, I can tell you that while Accutane CAN have side effects, it is prescribed almost daily at our office. Most of our patients find it effective. As a PP said, there can be birth defects associated with Accutane. If your dermatologist were to prescribe it, you would have to have routine blood work and labs. Also, at our office (idk about others) patients on Accutane are strongly recommended to use TWO forms of contraceptive.

    I can't tell you from a personal experience about this product, as I have not actually been on it. But I can tell you that at our office, our most of patients find it effective.

    Ask your dermatologist about it. She/he most likely will not prescribe it unless you have severe acne, but they can precribe oral medications that can help tremendously. Good luck :)

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    I personally have never taken it, but have seen the warnings regarding Accutane causing Ulcerative Colitis and/or Crohns. This i DO have personal experience with. I have Crohns Disease and I can tell you DO NOT want to have any sort of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)....they are horrible, and there is no cure. Please don't ever take the chance that could cause you to have either of these diseases as I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
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    My sister has suffered from horrible acne since she was 11 years old. She has been to many doctors and tried every trick that was found on the internet. She is 20 years old now and just started Accutane. So far her skin is clearing up amazingly and she is so happy. There is a lot to go through for the RX though. She has to sign a thing saying she's not going to get preggers and all that. It is a heavy duty drug that is more of a last resort. She's scheduled to be on Accutane for 5 months and then she goes off of it so it's not a long term thing. I know a lot of people are against it because it is such a strong drug, HOWEVER with research done birth control pills are also not good for your body and cause a lot of problems. One of my mom's friends was on the pill for years and developed a lot of problems with her ovaries which her doctor said was from being on the pill so long. If you have a lot of problems with your skin I reccomened trying Eminence skin care, it's natural and plant based. I use it and I'm in love. Also try Mario Bodescu-I tried this line and didn't like it as much as Emienence. I do strongly encourage you to see a dermatologist if it's bad enough that a topical or face wash will not work. Beware of birth control pills because from what I've seen docs pass those out like Pez candy. With the pill there is a risk or weight gain and I've heard dozens of horror stories about acne coming back 5x worse when they stopped the pill. Try not to lose hope. There are many ways to get rid of acne for good. My sister found a way, I wish the best for you.
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    Although this may seem obvious, OP, please don't take medical advice from the internet. Absolutely everyone has a different experience with medication. Just because someone else had a good/bad experience with Accutane does NOT mean you will. The opinion that matters the most is yours and your doctor. Your Dr will know what is best for you when they look at your medical history. 

    I know in todays society we rely on product reviews & experiences to help us decide what TV or couch to buy, but this is different. Just go to your Dr. If you disagree with their opinion, seek a second opinion. 
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:358Discussion:75a186af-66aa-4cca-b569-66b00edf9a55Post:097c2ddb-1495-4767-9653-0b5d0f4bc9b4">Re: Has anyone been on accutane?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Although this may seem obvious, OP, please don't take medical advice from the internet. Posted by rlavach[/QUOTE]

    I agree with this. Your doctor will be able to best help you decide if Accutane is right for you.

    I took it when I was a teenager. I had tried just about everything else and nothing else worked. Accutane did work for me. I had to have blood work done before starting it and then had to have constant pregnancy tests. It made all my mucus membranes dry out (lips, eyes, etc.).

    For me, it was worth it. My acne made me feel horrible. Now that I'm in my mid twenties I do get occassional breakouts, but they are nowhere near what I used to have. Now I use ProActiv and it works great.

    I have a dry eye problem that I feel was caused by the Accutane. I have tried so many things to treat that problem and my eyes are still always red. I would rather have red eyes than acne though.

    I think unless you've suffered with acne for a long time it's hard to understand wanting to take the risks. Again, talk to your doctor. Let them help you decide if the risks are worth it for you . . . just like with any other medication.

    Good luck!
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    my son was on it for over a year and it worked wonders.  you just have to be tested twice a month because it effects the enzymes in your liver.  I know they are not really big on prescribing it much anymore
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    My fiancee has serious health problems from accutane.  Specifically immune system dysfunction.  I know they used to give it in a much larger dose, but I wouldn't take the chance. 

    There are many other options.  Try, their products really work and they tell you exactly how to make it work for you.
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    I went to a dermatologist for four years and tried every oral medicine on the market before finally getting on Accutane. This was before the Pledge Program, which has even stricter restrictions.
    I will say, Accutane made me horribly moody, and there are SERIOUS birth defects, my night vision was awful, my skin dried up, and you have to take pregnancy and blood tests every month but.... it's so worth it.
    My face had such bad cystic acne I would be close to tears every time I washed my face.
    If you have whiteheads, accutane is not what you're looking for. Only cystic acne is what accutane is for.

    I would do it again in a heartbeat. I still get the occasional whitehead but I have NEVER had cystic acne since taking it.
    It is not a decision to take lightly, and only you and your doctor can decide if it is right. No true professional dermatologist would prescribe it to someone on their first visit.
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    Oh, also... and this is just a general PSA: Proactiv is extremely habit-forming, and that is why it is the "Number One Cleanser on the Market."
    You take it, and it clears up your skin, but when you stop using it, your skin goes back to worse than it was before. That's why they sell so many. I would never trust a dermatologist who told me to use Proactiv.
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