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have a dress, wedding in 2 years??

Hey does anyone know the best way to store a wedding dress I have bought for my wedding in Oct. 2014 :-) Thanks!!

Re: have a dress, wedding in 2 years??

  • AthseaAthsea member
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    Garment bag, in closet?
  • I've read that if the dress has heavy beading it should be in a bag and layed flat, like under a bed. Otherwise I think hanging in a closet is fine in a bag of course.

  • Yep, I bought my dress a year and 10 months ago and it's been hanging out in a bag in my mom's closet.
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    [QUOTE]Garment bag, in closet?
    Posted by Athsea[/QUOTE]

    That is where I have mine.

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