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Thalgo? Dermalogica? Pevonia? How to decide? any advice?

Hi girls!  I want to start a skin care regime 5-6 months before  my wedding but I don't know which to choose?  anyone have any experience with any of these products, or another you can recommend?  Thanks!

Re: Thalgo? Dermalogica? Pevonia? How to decide? any advice?

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    I love Pevonia!!  Love it!!  But I use that because the place where I get facials uses that product line as well, so it helps to have the person who does my monthly facials know what I use, how I use it and then use the same for facials!
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    Best skin care regime I can suggest is the one my dermatologist told me to do.
    Cleanse, Tone, & Moisturize. I post this on these boards a lot & people are usually amazed.
    The secret to most acne/skin systems is a cleanse, tone, moisturize system. If you look at all of them, they all have the same thing in common: the cleanse, tone, moisturize system.

    All you need is a very basic cleanser. Try to get one that doesn't necessarily advertise that it clears skin. The ones that are made specifically for acne usually make your skin worse, before it gets any better. My dermatologist recommended Liquid Neutrogena. It comes in a bottle, or you can get it in a bar. It's a dark orange color. Very basic cleanser. I now use Loreal Skin Genesis cleanser (which is pink). It works too. I like the smell better. ;)

    Next, choose a basic toner.

    And then follow that with a basic moisturizer. One with an SPF is best.

    Make sure you follow cleansing with toning, and then moisturize asap. Do this system in the morning & at night, and you're good to go. My skin is flawless, and I've gotten my FI to start it too. His skin is clearing up and he's always saying "feel my skin! it's so soft!!"

    So, it definitely works. :)
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    Thanks!  heading to get that stuff today and I'll give it a try.  I've got six months.  At the moment I use cetaphil and my skins ok, but I've been breaking out a bit around my chin over the past few days and I don't know where it's coming from! 
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    I think Brianne has a good point in that your skincare regimine doesn't have to be pricey.

    I have really sensitive skin so I use clinique because I know it won't be irritating.  I also need a really rich eye cream twice a day because my skin is so dry.  Still though the basics are as described above, cleanse, tone, moisturize.

    But if your skin isn't particularly sensitive you can use nearly anything, it is the consistency that counts!
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    I've just bought neutrogena face wash, nivea toner, and oil of olay total effects... i had to have something with spf because I live in Australia (wedding is in the states), so sunblock is a must!  Started my new regime last night.  Thanks for all the advice!  
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    I absolutely love Dermalogica. But I just stopped using it because it's so expensive. And now I've been using just your basic Neutrogena cleanser and my skin is exactly the same as it was w/ Dermalogica.
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