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Oil Cleansing Method Questions!

I saw some people mention the Oil Cleansing Method on here, and I had never heard of it. I've done some research on it, and I want to try it! I went to GNC and they have jojoba oil (which I saw is recommended for oily skin) and I will be looking somewhere for Pressed Castor Oil. I didn't see any Castor Oil at Walmart, but I heard I should be getting Pressed anyway. 

How do I go about mixing it, and how much should I use of each. I was getting different numbers from different sites. Also, how often is it recommended that I use it, and when (morning vs night)? What do I do on the days I am not using it? Any other advice or recommendations?

Thanks soooo much!
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Re: Oil Cleansing Method Questions!

  • I get my castor oil on Amazon. As far as how much to use, it varies really. You want to use very little castor oil, however. I use 1 tbsp Jojoba oil, 4 drops of Castor Oil, and 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil for my breakouts. I do my OCM at night, because I wear a good amount of makeup daily, and it takes it off very well. In the morning, with just water, I use my facial cleansing brush. 

    I was doing it everyday, but now I do it 2-3 times a week. In between, I use a sulfate free facial cleanser.
  • I've been doing this for 6 months or so now and I use olive oil not jojoba oil.  I used to have a fairly oily T-zone, but the first combo I tried that was designed for oily skin was too drying so I did a 50/50 split of the olive oil and the castor oil with just a tad of the tea tree oil.  This works really well for my teenagers, but was still a little drying for me so I now just use straight olive oil with a tad of tea tree oil.  You will probably have to play with it to see what works best for your skin.  The biggest thing to make sure you do is the steaming.  It really does make a HUGE difference.  This is the blog that I got my starter recipe from that I played with from there:

    I've also been using a sugar and olive oil scrub that has done wonders for my body.  I added some lavender essential oil so I wouldn't smell like olive oil, but even my FI has noticed the difference.  You just mix the two to your desired consistency, but you'll want more sugar than oil or else you'll end up all slippery.  I use it on my face once or twice a week, too to make it super soft without drying it out or being too harsh.
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    I've never tried this before, but I am interested. So using either jojoba oil or olive oil won't break your skin out more or make it more oily? I have sensitive skin and am oily in the T-zone area.

    ETA: Disregard that question...I just clicked the link the PP provided :)
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