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red lipstick

what does everyone think or red lipstick for a wedding?  i've had two makeup trials with my artist and she has tried both pink and red on me.  She loves the red and so does my mom but i'm not sure if it's too bold.  would posting pictures help at all?

Re: red lipstick

  • Yes, posting pics would help. 
    I had the same decision to make and ultimately went with a softer color because it was more me. Do you ever wear red lipstick now? 
  • Sure, post the pics!

    I like a red lip, but think it looks best when the rest of the makeup is understated.

  • My photographer recommended against a bright red lip because it would look very stark in the photos against my pale coloring and white dress.  
  • here are the links to my pictures on Pinterest (i couldn't upload them in this post).
    In both pictures i'm wearing fake eyelashes, which i'm doing for sure.  the second picture has really dramatic eyes but i'm doing a more toned down version.

    I never wear any lip colour but have always wanted red.  my fiance likes it, which is good! i'd probably wear  a stain though so that it doesn;t rub off all over him:)
  • I vote red. Against your skin color it looks very nice and it gives you a sexy/sweet/pinup type of look with the liner.
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  • I love all of the second look!
  • You could try a more toned down but still true red by blotting your lips a little.  Best of both worlds possibly?
  • I like the second look if you are having an evening wedding.  Very dramatic!
  • so the red is a hit!  i would do a stain that's more subdued maybe...we are having a 3:00 ceremony but i love the red because it's kind of vintage and so is my dress.  it was my grandma's from 1965 and it's all chantilly lace:)
  • I do like red lipstick.  Seeing the picks though, I wouldn't go for red.  You are beautiful, but I think you'd look better with a deep pink instead of the red.  
  • I think the red is awesome, but, red vibrates on camera. It's to do with the frequency of the color. It's why if you're watching an HD tv channel and the character on a show is wearing red lipstick their mouth tends to look a little different than the rest of the screen, almost like it's floating. It looks really vibrant, and most photographers can work with it, but if you're having a video,it might come out looking a little off. Just something to think about. 

    Also, you'll want to be able to re-apply, because no matter what a company says, it's highly unlikely that anything is going to last completely all day. Even stain, because once you get it wet (champagne/food), it starts to loosen its bond. You don't want to end up with that red ring around the outside of your mouth that looks like you are just wearing liner. 
  • Do what you are comfortable with. You dont want to look back on your photos and feel like your makeup doesn't really fit you.
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