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Eyeliner: Pencil or Liquid?

 Which do you prefer, Pencil Eyeliner or Liquid Liner? And why do you prefer that specific type of eyeliner?
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Re: Eyeliner: Pencil or Liquid?

  • It depends on the look you’re going for. Liquid (and gel) give you a more precise & strong look. But, you have to be more precise in your application because it’s not as forgiving. It dries quickly & can sometimes smudge if you blink before it dries (depending on the brand).


    Pencil gives you a bit of a softer look, is easier to cover mistakes or change the shape of, and is great for a smokey effect. You can smudge it out & make it as dramatic as you like. Then put a layer of liquid over it to really heighten the look. I think it really depends on what you want out of it. 
  • I personally can't do a thing with liquid.  I always make a huge mess of it. 
  • Yeah liquid is a no-go for me. I use Clinique's stick liner.
  • I use a maybelline eyeliner, it's less pricey and works well (it's not liquid). I personally can't apply liquid myself.. I tried once and my hand isn't quite steady enough.
  • I only use pencils.  I sometimes burn them though to give the look of a liquid without the mess or having to be so precise.
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  • I love my gel eyeliner because as PP said you can make it look very also doesn't budge or transfer onto my eyelid throughout the day, which I love.

    I use the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner - if you go this route the best thing you can do for yourself is get a good angled brush for application.
  • I had always been afraid to use anything besides pencil until I tried Kat Von D's liquid (Tattoo Ink, or something like that?) a few weeks ago for a wedding - I love it!  It stayed on, in place and sharp-looking for basically 24 hours, until I got home to the eye makeup remover.
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    I don't really ever wear eyeliner but if I use liquid it's always on top, it makes your eyes pop. I like pencil for the bottom because it gives you a more natural look.
  • I prefer pencil because it's easier to apply. If I want a bolder look, I melt the tip with a lighter which makes it go on darker and gives the look of a liquid liner without the mess.
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  • I prefer a pencil because it's softer looking.

    I actually have been using L'oreal infallable eye shadow as a liner. It's a very compressed sort of spongey powder. I dip the top of my eye shadow brush in it, and it stays all day long. 

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  • I prefer liquid because you can do so many things with it. Sometimes I apply it thinner and sometimes thicker. You do have to have a steady hand or practice a lot to acheive a look you want though.

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  • for a really soft and dreamy look, use powder!! It's easy and forgiving, you can make it as dark or light as you want, and you can make it softer or harder of a line as you go.

    Use a brush like this:

    You can also add a little water to the brush before applying the powder to it to get a slicker line to it, then powder again over to set it. For the colour, just get a highly pigmented colour eyeshadow in whatever shade you prefer! It is seriously easy to do :)

    Video tutorial:

    She uses a pointed brush, where I prefer the angled one...I prefer the angled because I can be really super soft underneath, but still have the harder line on top
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  • Actually, I like the eye liner crayons, they're a little softer than most of the pencils I've used, smudge easier for a softer look, and they're more forgiving than the liquid stuff.
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