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Blue nailpolish?

My mom was recently telling me that I should wear blue nail polish for my wedding since I've worn it, pretty much for the past 4 years. Would this be a good idea? If so, what color blue should I wear?

Re: Blue nailpolish?

  • I really like the new ones for spring out by OPI personally :) China Glaze had some nice ones as well. Do you normally wear a really dark or light one or all over the place? I always wear black polish and will for sure be wearing it down the aisle. If you have a fave you can't go wrong! Grab a few shades and try them out before the wedding...I always try for the light shades/pastels cause they are so nice in the bottle but I find it makes my hands look red and not quite as slender as I like them to be so always back to black! lol
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  • I think that if you wear blue nail polish a lot and you love the way it looks on you, then yes :) go for it. I think that could be really really pretty. I have seen light and dark blues from Essie and OPI that are really nice.
  • Thanks for the help :) I normally wear Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails- the Blue it, or blue me away. One's dark metallic blue, the other is matte sky blue. I'm concerned with matching my dress better- like I don't want it looking mix-matched haha. I have an Ivory dress with the wedding colors being Guava, Pewter and Silver (you can see them on David's Bridal's site- but their guava online is a bit light colored) I like the concept of blue because then it fulfills the "something blue" part :D I'll definitely check out the recommendations you two gave me :)
  • Essie has a new shade that is wedding themed and it's blue.
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  • Another good, long lasting one, is the one from Rimmel London (Long Lasting Finish Pro) in Midnight Blue. So far, this lasts the longest without chiping, even in comparison to the ones I have from OPI, Nicole, and a few other brands. We are talking 5 days without chipping and this is without using a base or top coat, and even longer if you do use one.
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  • Nice to see I'm not the only one! :) I'm going nail polish hunting this week-I need a fresh look on blue :D So, i'll be putting everyone's recommendations to the test <3
  • I found a really nice light blue shade to wear. I think it was blizzard blue by sally hansen.
  • blue lace nicole by opi
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