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Has anyone ever met with a local financial advisor? While I feel that H and I are both conservative spenders, I'm used to having a set salary and planning my expenses down to the dollar, and H is self-employed, and therefore has fluctuating income and expenses and it short circuits my brain. We need to figure how to divide our money between business and personal, which is so so much harder than I thought it would be.
I'm a CPA, so it's kind of embarassing to admit that I need help, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend someone?

Re: NWR: Financial Advisor

  • I really don't have any reccomendations, but don't feel embarrassed it's much harder when it's your own stuff your dealing with. I have a personal training background and I have a trainer for when I compete. It's actually a good idea to have someone else's input.
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  • I can get you a few names once FI gets home from work. He's met with 2-3 that we've considered, though we haven't actually worked with any of them yet (our financial situation is going to be changing a lot over the next few years, so we decided to wait before making the investment in financial advising).
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  • We called around to meet with a financial advisor back in February.  The answer I was met with every single time was that basic services start at about $500+ and work up from there.  For what we needed (advice re: saving, buying a home, how to grow our portfolios, etc) could easily be found on the internet and in popular financial planning workbooks.  Also there are some community programs that help with these things.  I really preferred to meet with some one to go over it all but they all said it wouldn't be worth our $500 to do what we needed. :(  Just thought I would share the advice I was given when I reached out to some earlier this year.
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  • Amy - Thanks so much! Yeaaaahhh that's not gonna be doable for us. I guess we're really gonna have to use what brainpower we have. I feel like if H had the same income each month this would be waaaaaay easier.
    Thanks so much for the info, though.
  • Carrie, my DH is a CPA, and we're always looking for additional help/advice.  We think we know what we're doing, but always looking to make sure we're doing all we can and look for other ideas.  Like life insurance confuses the heck out of us, and that's my industry, kinda!  

    But see, DH, while a CPA, does corporate tax planning, so he tries to take what he does for work and apply to our situations.  Does. Not. Work! 
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