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I am kinda freaking out... my wedding is in two months and I have AWFUL eczema. The worst of it is on my upper back, my neck and my arms. And I have a strapless gown!!! When I bought my dress, I didn't have this problem. It only started 6 months ago or so.
I have changed my diet - cut out coffee, alcohol, sugar. I drink mostly just water, and a lot of it, I eat enough fruits and veggies. I moisturize. And now I'm seeing a dr about it. But nothing seems to be working, and it gets worse the more stress I'm under!! I work two full-time jobs, and my FI lives 4 states away. The planning is a little behind (in my opinion). So needless to say, I am stressed.
Any of you ladies have any experience with wedding vs. skin conditions? I could use a little reassurance.
Thanks so much!!!

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    Sulfur soap is supposed to help all sorts of skin conditions.  I use it daily to help the KP on my arms and it works well.  I believe it helps eczema also.
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  • I suffer from this as well, but mine show up in quarter-size patches.  I usually put Vaseline on it when I am sleeping, or lounging around the house.  I just put a small amount on, and let it sit on the skin; don't rub it off. Defintely worth a try!
  • I have eczema but it only shows up on the back of my knees - the dr. prescribed some steroid cream for it (I can't pronounce it and don't have the tube with me to spell it out here - starts with a T though) and that tends to make it go away pretty quickly. I use it sparingly though because it "thins" the skin.

    Your doctor should be able to help you find a product that works the way you need it to.
  • Thanks!! I'm working with a nutritionist - that seems to be really helping, now. I try to stay away from medicines/steroids if I can.
  • It using anything scented as that irritates it. Switch to a free and clear detergent. Aquophor healing ointment that's OTC is amazing and I swear by it. I have been dealing with seasonal eczema my entire life. And these thins are what help me most. Also cetephil body wash.
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  • I have really awful eczema as well.  Do you have a lot of allergies? 
     I found a wonderful dermatologist who had me start this regume: 
    • zertic daily (because of all my allergies) 
    • Use desitin on the spots (not the knock off either, the real stuff) 2 times a day
    • Once a week put a 1/4 cup of bleach into a tub of luke warm water and soak for 15 minutes.  (Make sure to pull your hair up out of the water or it will change colors) Rinse off after words, and moisturizeand put more desitin on
    I wouldn't recommend doing the bleach bath with out speaking to a dermatologist first,  but after starting this 4 years ago I have not had a flair up sense I got it under control.  I stopped weekly baths and I now when I feel a flair up coming I take a bleach bath, use some desitin and I never see any red flaking skin! 

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