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What does everything think? Is it worth it? I have oily skin and I always have a few places on my face broken out. I'm trying anything I can to get clear skin. I always wash my face in the morning and at night. I don't sleep in makeup. I've tried glycolic peels and my face broke out completely... like bad. I tried the ProSonic (Groupon Goods had a "great deal" and the name was so similar I thought it was what everyone loved... I used it once and it sprayed soapy water all over the mirror and made me break out. It was awful!), so now I'm worried the Clarisonic is similar and would be a waste of more money.

Re: Clarisonic

  • You couldn't buy my Clarisonic from me for $1,000. I love this thing more than life itself. I have grossly oily skin and pretty much all types of breakouts. I get tiny bumps on my forehead, giant, moon-looking painful zits on my cheeks, whiteheads on my chin and blackheads on my nose. The clarisonic has literally changed my skin completely. It's significantly less oily and my breakouts are pretty much non-existant. I use it every night and I have found that it is gentler on my skin than I was with my hands so I don't get the weird dry/flaky but still oily parts. I'm still playing around with washes (Proactiv is still the best thing I have tried with it becuase it's really good for my oily skin) but I could probably use motor oil with it and my skin would look good. 

    QVC usually has them for easy payments (not a credit card that you have to take out, but they send it to you now and then charge your credit or debit card a smaller amount every month for the next 4-6) so that lessens the blow of the price. Every once in a while QVC will have it as their Today's Special Value (a GREAT deal, but only for one day) and that's how I got my Clarisonic Plus for under $200. I think the only difference in the plus and the regular is that you can use the plus on your body, which I rarely do, so you could save some money there. QVC also has a pretty good return policy if you don't like it. The MIA is smaller but I dont think it had the different levels (at least it didn't 2 years ago when I was shopping for them).

    They do make an acne brush for it that I would stay way from. For me at least, it got roygh pretty quickly and dried out my skin more than the blue "deep pore" one did. 

    Sorry to write you a novel, but if my apartment was burning down, I'd grab my FI, my dog and my Clarisonic. I love it that much. 
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    I have the Mia and really like it. I haven't had the enormous transformation like the PP, but it definitely gets my skin cleaner than I can get it myself and I think my skin is softer. It does have two speeds, and its fairly small so travels well. I do think its a worthy investment.
  • I wanted to love the Clairisonic but alas, my skin looked worse and I quit using it within a month. However I am in the vast minority--everyone I know that has one loves it.
  • Love it! I used to use the ProActiv one and the bristles got flimsy after like 2 months. I've had the clarasonic for like 6 months and my skin is much more clear and the bristles have held up. Paying $100+ extra was definitely worth it!
  • I highly recomend the clarisonic! I swear by this thing, is has changed my life! For one it feels amazing and you actually see and feel a differance with your skin! It makes the daily routine cleaning your face fun!Smile
  • Oh, I LOVE my Clairsonic!  I have the Mia 2 and my skin is sooooo much better for it.  I use mine with Philosophy Purity once per day (any other washings are OCM and by hand).  I made FSILs touch my face over the weekend and they were in awe.  As PP said, QVC has the best deals but you have to be on the lookout for them; easy pay is a beautiful thing.

    Be aware that your face will probably go through a freakout period while it's "purging" all the bad stuff trapped deep down.  After the first great week, my face went into (mildly) busted mode during the purge, but the back side of that is beyond worth it.  I'd resisted purchasing one for a long time, but now that I have it I couldn't live without it.  The only reason I bought the MIa 2 vs the original Mia was the awesome limited edition seafoam color and the option of a higher speed, but I don't think I'll ever use that one.
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