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cut my hair or keep it long?

the Hair 411 board is down so i'm posting here...

I'm thinking of cutting my hair about 2 months before my wedding but I want to know if anyone else has done this and regrettetd it.  My hair is sort of long now and I know it will grow a lot before my October wedding.
Here is a link to my hair now:

Below is how I want to get it cut (this is me as well).  My fiance loves my short hair and I think it's a lot easier to maintain.  My mom and friend were horrified when I casually suggested getting my hair cut.  What does everyone think?

Re: cut my hair or keep it long?

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    How do you want to wear you hair?

    I'd figure out my ideal wedding hairstyle, and then see what length hair i needed to accomplish it.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: cut my hair or keep it long?</a>:
    [QUOTE]How do you want to wear you hair? I'd figure out my ideal wedding hairstyle, and then see what length hair i needed to accomplish it.
    Posted by MyUserName1[/QUOTE]

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    I don't know how I would wear my hair.  I would probably clip the top half back and let the rest be loose, similar to the long hair picture link. 
    Plus, I want to cut it soon after the wedding anyways, ideally the next day! But since that's not really practical (like I'm getting out of bed!) I thought it made sense to do it before.  If i had shorter hair I would probably just wear a nice side part and barrette.

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    I am in the same boat. I want to cut my hair so bad,  because I have always had short hair. My FI loves my hair short, but when i think of what I want my wedding pictures to look it, its always with long hair. So I am forcing myself to keep it long. And right after the wedding I am chopping it all off.
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    I think you should go with your norm. If you and fiance prefer your hair short and that's how you would normally wear it, then go for it. Personally, I would rather not look at my wedding pics and they not really look like "me," you know? Long is me ... so that's what I want for pics. It seems like short hair is "you," and you look adorable with short hair. My vote is to cut it off lol. It would be different if it was a drastic change from your normal look since you might regret it. 
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    First you need to decide what you want your hairstyle to be on your wedding day. If you can accomplish it with short hair then go for getting it cut. If you can not then keep it long. Make sure your hairstyle is something that represents you though. I agree with the PP, I want to look at my engagment photos and wedding photos and see myself and my fiance, not someone else.
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    I would keep it long until you know for sure how you want to get it styled for your wedding.  Longer hair is a lot easier to style than short hair.  Then you could get it cut the next week to a shorter style; this could also give you something to look forward to with styling for your honeymooon (unless you are leaving the day following your wedding).  Also, check with your stylist and see if she has any suggestions for you and help you with a list of pros/cons of keeping it long or getting it cut.  In my opinion, I think long hair is best for the day of your wedding...its a lot easier to manage when its away from your face and its one less thing you need to worry about that day.   Good luck deciding!!
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    I'm in the exact same situation. I usually have an inverted bob and I LOVE the way it looks, but I have decided to grow my hair out because the wedding is outside and in the summer so I don't want to deal with my hair going flat, or looking wind blown, or getting sweaty. And I was originally going to cut it the day after the wedding, but decided that longer hair is easier for my honeymoon since we'll be hiking and biking and doing outdoor things, so I can just throw it up instead of having to deal with it in my face and looking nasty! 

    Although, I hate my hair so bad right now I might just chop it two weeks before the wedding when I go in for my final highlights! 
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    I knew I wanted my hair long for the wedding, but I'd been DYING to cut it short for several months, so when I went in for my hair trial, I scheduled an appointment for three days after my wedding to cut it into a bob (we didn't leave for our honeymoon until almost a week after the wedding, and I was soooo happy to have short hair for the trip - so much more manageable!). 

    I also have a friend who cut her hair super short the morning of her wedding! I don't know that I'd wait that close to the wedding, but she has no regrets about having short hair in her wedding pictures (although I think her husband was a little surprised when he saw her walking down the aisle!).

    I know theknot has a bunch of hair photos for all different lengths, so maybe you could browse through some of those for longer and shorter hair and see if anything jumps out at you. And not that you have to justify your decision to your mom and friend, but if you do decide to cut it short, maybe you can show them some of the pictures you find so they can see that short-haired brides are just as pretty and glamorous as the long-haired ones!
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    My hair is around ear length. My wedding is in june 2013. If my hair isn't long enough for updo then I will do curls.

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    i've decided to cut it next week! if i don't like it i have 7 months for it to grow back before my wedding.  i don\t want to wait until my honeymoon to get it cut though...we are not going anywhere right away (we're going to stay home and then spend a few days in a small little town where we got engaged) but i don't want to be dealing with my hair anyway. 

    honestly, i will probably clip part if it back behind my ears and call it a wedding day. i really don't care how my hair looks!
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