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bridal trial disaster

so I just need to vent a bit.
Last Saturday I went for my bridal hair and make-up trial.
I had to go alone cause my MOH lives in Utah and my other bridesmaids in sweden. I had a clear vision of what I wanted and brought photos to show her.
I'm very verbal when it comes to work but in private and when it's about myself I am super accomodating and suffers from severe "aim-to-please" decease.

She didn't give me what I wanted. The hair she made was awful and the make-up I could have done much better myself. I was surrounded by other hair stylists working there saying ohh ahhh that is so beautiful I didn't know what to say. I couldn't make myself say the words I was thinking inside (no no no no!). I wish I was more of a bridezilla. I went home and cried. God I am such a wimp.

I worked up the courage to send her an email to tell her I didn't love what she had made and that I wanted something else for my wedding. She hasn't responded to the email yet. I am thinking I will have to show her an exact photo of what I want and just ask her to do that since her "artistic" interpretations isn't what I was looking for.

I can't afford another trial so I just have to cross my fingers that it we'll figure it out for the wedding. Right now my tummy is in knots and I just feel sick over the whole thing!

Thank you for letting me vent :o)

Re: bridal trial disaster

  • awwwww.

    i'm kind of meek in that situation too.  can you cancel this artist?  you obv don't have the same taste as her or her studio.  perhaps find a place where you've seen their results and use them w/o a trial?

    good luck!
  • Thank you!
    I thought about it, but I've already paid a deposit (which is now non refundable because it is so close to my wedding date) for me and my 3 bridesmaids and I can't afford to cancel and find another one... It's a little awkward too cause my normal hairdresser works there as well. I just went with this stylist for my bridal hair cause she was supposed to be the best there. ha ha

    I'm hoping that when I have my girls there with me that I will feel more empowered to speak up and my MOH have promised to help me out.
  • I personally think it's too risky. I'd wait to see what she responds to your e-mail but I'd be out of that place in a heart beat, but that's just me.
  • I know it's risky and it scares me too! What I might have to do is to try to get another trial even though I don't really have the money. It's funny cause I have been so relaxed and chilled about everything else. Granted me and fiancee are doing pretty much everything ourselves so I think the absolute hardest part for me is that I have to trust someone else to execute my vision. Scary!!
  • I had the same problem at my trial! I found the courage to call her and we've been playing phone tag for over a week, so yesterday I sent her an email describing what went wrong. I can't switch salons either because I've already paid the balance due. I'm hoping that when I finally talk to my stylist she will make me feel better, but on the day of my bridesmaids will be with me so they can give me courage to speak up. Good luck!
  • thank you!! It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone. Not that I am happy that others are in the same spot! I might have to work up the courage to call my stylist too if she doesn't respond to my email. I just hate talking on the phone. Maybe I'll have two glasses of wine before I call  Laughing
  • It happens.  I hated my first trial but it was early enough for me to switch artists.  I would arrive on your wedding day with pictures and be very specific about what you want and what you don't.  But you will have to speak up if she doesn't do what you want.  Make sure you allow plenty of time on the wedding day to get it right.
  • thank you I will!

    I should show you what she did (although I cringe when I see it). I showed her this photo as one of the examples.

    but I got  this

    but the sideview is the worst... SO NOT flattering... just to warn you.
    I asked her to do braids along the sides cause I like that little flirt with something that is very scandinavian.

    But you can't even see the braids!
    I actually have long hair and she made it look like I have a mullet or something... Yikes!! And I should mention that I am wearing a crown (I'm swedish and it's a traditional thing...) But the crown definitly complicates things...

    I guess the good thing about the disaster trial is that I know now that I want my hair up and away from my neck. I am pretty short so I think it will be more flattering if I did something like this.

    (I'm a graphic designer by day so I am lucky to be able to photoshop stuff)
    So in my head it would look something like this with braids added to the sides.

    That's better right?
  • I don't think it's terrible really.  I personally prefer the second look more than the first.  Since it is less complicated, she should be able to duplicate that easily.  Just tell her you want the braids to be more visible on the sides--I would take her that last picture in fact.
  • yes that's a good idea. I'll do that for sure. That way she'll know exactly what I expect and I think I'll be happier if I am more specific about how I want to look and not leave so much room for her ideas.

    I am so glad I posted here. Somehow I feel so much better now that I've talked about it. Thank you!
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    I actually don't think the hair trial looks bad, but if you don't like it, you need to be assertive and communicate. That's not being a bridezilla at all.

    Regarding the makeup, I didn't like my trial either and decided to do my own makeup. Is that an option for you? If so, you could take the money you're saving from that to have a second hair trial.
  • Maybe I could do the make-up myself.. I'll have to check if they'll let me use that money for another trial. If she even has time for one. My wedding is in 23 days!
    It's worth a try though. Thank you for suggesting it.
  • Honestly, if you really don't like it, I would try and see if you can do a trial, or DIY.  I kind of had two trials.  The first one I brought in a picture to the MAC artist with what I was looking for.  It just didn't look the same.  For the second trial, I told the makeup counter girl that I wanted a pin up look, which is pretty basic. It also came out terrible in my opinion (and my fiance agreed).  The moral is even with a picture, you might be disappointed.

    Have you thought about going to Sephora?
  • Another idea is that if your hair is naturally wavy to make sure you scrunch it with a bit of styling cream after you get out of the shower the day before you have it done... This will help the curlier effect that the original inspiration had going for it and the day old hair will hold curl and style much better than freshly cleaned hair.
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  • I went to MAC and got a full trial and she showed me how to apply it. I just bought the stuff and she made a little sheet for me so I dont get confused. It was great and I can control how heavy the makeup is myself plus get a free lesson!
    Apparently I have dry eye skin. Who knew? Guess thats why my undereye stuff flakes off all the time lol :P
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  • Oy! I am sorry that sucks. Bringing in an exact pic would be your best bet. Then she can't misintrept that.
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  • You mentioned that your regular stylist is also at the salon.  Can you talk to her about your misgivings?  Perhaps she can suggest some other ways that work with your texture, etc.  I know for me I'm having a friend who used to be a hairdresser and cut my hair for years do mine.  My new stylist is wonderful but my friend knows how hard it is for my hair to keep a curl someone puts in it (it's natuarlly wavy and goes the way it wants).
  • I love the second look!!! I can see why you didn't care for the trial, it wasn't awful but it was not the best for what you were trying to get. Is that you in the veil? I love the braid!!!
  • Yes you should show her the last picture and you should try to send it to her before the wedding so you could maybe ask if she doesnt think she can do it maybe someone else at the salon can?

    I lucked with my hair, I always wear it up always its never down so my FI wants it down for the wedding and as a plus my MOH actually turns out to be my hair dresser i have had for the last 3 years  :)

    I deffinately think the hair person should be able to do that style with the picture if she cant i know someone at the salon can.Its a simple side braid with a bun

  • I've had a couple of very bad make up trials too and have decided to do my own a la Kate Middleton. I sppiled myself and went out and bought a whole bunch of the high end stuff. I've been practicing every night before work, so not only am I getting better at putting the make up on I also look hot at work every night.
  • Thank you so much for all your advice!
    Christie yes that is me in the last pic with the veil. ;o)

    I heard back from my stylist and she said that she could absolutely do the image I showed her so I feel so much better now! Phew. I also went out and bought high end makeup and I have been testing different looks so I know exactly what I want now and I'll be able to show her on my wedding day!
  • Sephora will teach you how to do your makeup if you buy one of the items from them.  They will do just your eyes or just your foundation etc free. But buying one product will get you a full face of recommendations and techniques :)
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  • PS if I were in Sweden I would so come do your hair and makeup for you free! /hugs it will be okay!
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  • The hair trial doesn't look bad but the side does look a little messy or undone.  Definitely take the pics with you- I think it is close enough that the stylist should be able to tweak a few things and give you what you are looking for without an issue.
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