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So I'm curious, how many wedding dress appointments can I make without overwhelming myself and the people I have with me?
I'm from San Diego but currently go to school in Indiana. Since my fiance and my family are from SD, we plan on having our wedding out there and I'd like to buy my dress out there too. Long story short, I only get a week (really only a weekend because some of my family has to work), to visit bridal stores. Would it be ok to visit more than one? maybe two? in a day?

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    2 in a day is definitely doable but don't advise more than that.
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    I did three in one day, but one place you didn't need an appointment (I had called ahead of time). The place I didn't need an appointment I went last, because I didn't know if I would still have it in me to go. I ended up going and finding my dream dress there but I was DONE for the day after that. I grabbed some food and went home for nap time.
    For the most part, Stephie is right. After two I was really wiped but I hadn't found ANYTHING I remotely liked. I feel like if I had researched the places I went beforehand I would have realized they really weren't my style.
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    One a day was overwhelming for me.  It can make the appointment go faster if you have a couple of dresses that you like.  But, keep in mind that what you like may not be the best... I wanted tea-length, but ended up with a fit-n-flare.  I am so glad I went with the fit-n-flare, it looks so much better.  Talk with your consultant if you aren't finding something that you like.
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