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Makeup and Hair problem

So I am having a destination wedding in las vegas, i am located in LA. I am trying to have a budject wedding that looks nice. I have been trying to find a good priced makeup and hair artist that will come to my suite. I am not looking for anything over the top but I do want it to look nice. Also we have photos being taken the next day so I need them twice that is where it is going to become pricey. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who i was already planning on inviting to the wedding, not sure if she would be able to make it, told me that her younger sister just graduated from beauty school and would be able to help me out.
I looked at some of her work, it looks nice. But at the same time should I try and save money and use someone who is inexperienced or someone who will cost alot but will be good.

Re: Makeup and Hair problem

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    I think maybe you should try a pratice run first.Maybe figure out what you like and, dont like.After a couple of pratices I think it's going to work out fine.
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    Another idea is a MAC/Clinique makeup artist. The makeup is free (but they usually like you to buy something) and you can always do a trial run first and if you hate it then you can use some other option. I worked for Clinique for a few years and my coworkers and I would sometimes do weddings and just go on our own time. But being in Vegas you could probably squeeze in a trip to one of the malls. Just make sure to book an appointment first.
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