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Who has had a spray tan before their wedding?

 Does it rub off on your dress if you are sweaty? Any horror stories?

Re: Who has had a spray tan before their wedding?

  • I had one and I had no problems.  I do them fairly often though so I wasn't worried about doing one for my wedding.
  • Get the spray tan two days before the wedding, don't exfoliate when you shower (use a smooth washcloth or your hands, not a loofah), and keep it moisturized. You should be fine! The day you get it you might notice that it rubs off on your clothes a bit, but after showering and letting it settle you should be fine :)
  • If you have the time, try out a gradual moisturizing product.  I can't tan and don't know of a sunless place near here.  I recently read really good reviews for the Jergen's kind - cheap and not too fragrant.  I am going to test it on one area for a few days to see if there is a change.  Then, I can start using it a few weeks before the wedding with confidence.
  • Just thought I'd give an update that the Jergen's test is working out well.  It was noticeable after the second application and looked nice after the third...natural, but a glow.  Going to see how a few more go before I quit.  Then, applications in time for engagement photos and the real thing!
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