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Eyelashes extensions or fake eyelashes??

I am thinking about getting eyelashes extensions for my wedding, but they are really expensive. I don't mind spending the money if they are totally worth it, but if I can get a good look with the fake ones than I will save the money. Does anybody knows if the extensions are worth it? Have anyone used fake ones and liked it? Did it last the whole ceremony and reception? If you have done the extensions, which brand did you use?

Re: Eyelashes extensions or fake eyelashes??

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    I use fake ones from time to time, total cost 5$...and that's for a nice set. I wouldn't bother getting extensions unless your eyelashes are that skimpy.
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    I almost got extentions, but didn't feel like spending all of the money.  My friend got extentions and said that they messed up her natural eyelashes.  So, now I'm afraid of them. 
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    met16met16 member
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    I used extentions and they were TOTALLY worth it.I went to a salon where their main thing is lashes. I had no problems- but did follow their instructions. They give you a comb to brush through each day, no curling your lashes, using no oil-based eye products. I got mine on a week before my wedding, got a free touchup 2 days prior to my actualy wedding, and they lasted and looked good for about 3 weeks. They were also great during the honeymoon- cause I never had to put on makeup! If I could afford them I would definately keep doing it!
    Good luck!
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    I thought about extentions but I don't like that you can't put on mascara on them.. and they last too long for me to not be able to use mascara. MAC has amazing sets of false lashes and they will teach you how to apply them. It takes a couple times but you'll get the hang of it, if you're doing them yourself
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    I like the individual lashes, they give a good look and don't look plasticky or fake
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