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Any of you have monthly facials before the wedding? was thinking about starting to do one everymonth starting six months out untill the wedding so my face will be PERFECT.. well I can only hope. My face always seems to break out. DOes anyone else get facials alot?

Re: Facials

  • I have been getting facials.  The girl I go to recommended a minimum of 3 to make my skin look its best, I will be having a total of four.

    You should have your last facial at least a week prior to your wedding - you don't want to have it any sooner in case there are any breakouts or skin sensitivities that arise.
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  • I would also recommend a chemical peel. I did mine about a month out, and it makes your skin look TERRIBLE for 3 days, but the end result is GREAT.
  • I agree with PPs. I work at a spa and if you got facials once a month until the wedding that should greatly improve your skin. =) And, like PP said, don't get that last one any closer than a week to the wedding so that if you breakout after a facial (like a ton of people do), you won't have issues. 
  • Only planning on doing 1 but I think I like the idea of getting several (not in my budget thoughI don't think).  I am getting one a week before the wedding.  
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