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Foundation- I have no clue

I have never really worn much in the line of foundation so I need advice on what is the best kind to use.  I need it to cover some light blemishes and to hold up to sweat (summer in Florida), humidity, and tears.

Any suggestions?  (preferably something inexpensive) 

Thank you!!!

Re: Foundation- I have no clue

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    Floundation? LOL you might want to fix that :-)

    First, no foundation that I'm aware of can hold up to sweat, tears or water.  If one did, you probably wouldn't want to wear it! 

    You should check out Clinique's Superfit foundation.  It's oil free, they label it as "long lasting".  I wore it a few years ago and loved it.  I tend to get very oily in the summer.  It's $21.00 which isn't too bad. You can get a sample first from the store and see what you think.
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    Revlon Color Stay does a great job of staying in place for hours on end and I think it comes in at about $13 a bottle. If you want to really guard against sweat, try Make Up Forever Duo Mat foundation from Sephora thats about $40 a bottle but if you just blot the sweat and don't wipe your foundation will stay in place.

    All blemishes will be covered no problem.
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    Ditto Make Up Forever.  If you go to Sephora you can try it out, put some on and wear it for the day and see how you like it.  I did that and was sooold.  I also used primer (Clean Slate by Tart) and a finishing spray (Model in a Bottle) to help with the staying power.  I didn't need to touch up during the day and I was super impressed.  Now I use the Make Up Forever when I go out and I love how it covers and stays in place. 
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    I'm going to also ditto the Make-Up Forever line. It feels amazing on your skin and if you properly primer and set, you're good to go.

    For everyday, I usually wear Bare Escentuals or Physician's Formula (The Rite-Aid rendition of mineral make-up), depending on what my money situation is, but for formal events, I always make the tiny splurge for the MUFE. 

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    Just saw that someone recommended Superfit by Clinique... I wear this make up day to day (I have outrageously oily skin and the oil free makeup is great) and while I really like the coverage, if I dont touch it up with a powder right before pictures my face is SO shiny. This is probably mostly due to my skin, but who knows. I love the makeup otherwise, it is easy to use and blend. I highly suggest that if you  use it you find a good powder to go over it.
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    I really like bare minerals (liquid makeup makes me brake out and looks too "cakey") I just tried their new matte finish and I really like it. I seems to stay on pretty well and it is easy to touch up. Their bronzers and blushes are great too!
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    "First, no foundation that I'm aware of can hold up to sweat, tears or water.  If one did, you probably wouldn't want to wear it! "

    Smashbox Camera Ready, Make Up For Ever, Revlon Colorstay. all are great foundations that will last and look natural. for extra lasting power, add a primer underneath the foundation and a fixing spray (like Make Up For Ever or Model In A Bottle) on top after all of your make up is done. I'm using Smashbox primer and foundation, and Make Up For Ever's fixing spray.

    don't use any mineral makeup for wedding makeup (great for every day though). they will reflect the flash from your photographer's camera and make you look washed out and white.

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    I love the make up line that beauticontrol does, they have some kicking concealers & foundations, and for the high quality the prices are not to bad either.
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