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Airbrush Makeup + Spray Tan??

Has anyone done the spray tan and the airbrush makeup? I got a spray tan today and I dont feel like I even need much makeup added ontop of this because it evened my skin out so well.....suggestions?
i dont want to look to fake...or not like myself

I am wondering if i can just get blush and possibly eye makeup done? or is the whole point of the airbrush makeup the foundation?

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Re: Airbrush Makeup + Spray Tan??

  • Airbrush makeup doesn't take the place of a tan--by that I mean, the purpose of foundation is not to add color, but to even our your skin tone, eliminate shine, and cover imperfections. A good airbrush artist will work with the color of your skin whether it is natural or tanned.

    I got a spray tan before my wedding and my MUA was able to match the airbrush foundation perfectly.  The great thing about airbrush is that it provides great coverage while still being lightweight.
  • The idea of having both a spray tan plus airbrush makeup makes me feel squiggy.  I'd do the airbrush only, to be honest.  Rock the pale! :D
  • I am an airbrush makeup artist, and I recommend still going with the airbrush makeup.  The makeup itself and the technique used to apply it allows your skin to photograph flawlessly.  Even though your skin may appear even to the naked eye, it doesn't mean the camera will see it the same way.  Flashes have a way of making skin appear more pale, sometimes even greasy or shiny looking.  The airbrush makeup will prevent this from happening.  A good airbrush makeup artist will match your foundation to your tan perfectly, and you won't even feel as though you have anything on. 
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    I don't know about the airbrush makeup specifically, but I wore a light foundation on top of my spray tan and it looked great in the pics. The first day I had the tan, tho, I know what you mean- my skin looked so even and great! But you don't want to get the tan the day of the wedding- it's stinky and will rub a bit on your dress. After you wash your face a few times, the tan will fade some and foundation will be your friend again. I definitely don't think you will regret wearing a great foundation on your wedding day, with or without a spray tan.
  • I would love to get a spray tan for the wedding (a few days before) but a friend was told not to because apparently the color can rub off on your dress when you sweat. Have any of you had this problem? How many days before the wedding did you go?
  • NACLark- yes the spray tan def came off on to my sheets that night,,,kinda gross and a lot of it washed off in the shower I was kind of dissappointed after the first couple of days buy my moh said i looked like i just had a nice i am debating whether or not to do it for the big day we will see
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  • If you get a high end spray tan it should not come off on your sheets but it def will come off on a tight fitting wedding dress that you're in for 10 hours and sweating in!

    I do a combo of spray tan, tanning bed and real sun all year round to keep the pale-ness at bay but be careful not to look orange on your wedding day.
  • Thanks for the advice - I think I will avoid the spray tan as I really don't like the idea of it getting all over my dress. I'm generally very cautious about the sun but I think I might just go for a few tanning sessions before to get a bit of a glow.
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