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false eyelashes!

I am wondering the best order for applying eye makeup with false eyelashes.

Would I apply my eyelid primer before or after applying the lashes? The primer I use is not specific for eyes, would getting one made specifically for eyes be better??
I would rather not buy another product if its the same stuff but the makeup counters of course will not tell you that since they want you to buy...
I am concerned about the lashes falling off if I put primer on first since it makes my skin super soft/silky, esp if I cry...and I'm betting big bucks I will.
I got a few different answers from the MUA's at the mall all of which were very unhelpful for DIY makeup so I'm not quite sure what to do...:S
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Re: false eyelashes!

  • false lashes should be the very last thing you apply.
    apply them after your liner, mascara....everthing!
    then, after you apply them, if there are any gaps or anything, use a liquid liner to fill it in


  • I actually like to apply them first, because I don't like to ruin or smudge my eye makeup while applying lashes. Also because I apply mine in my lash line instead of on top of my lid, its feels more comfortable to me, and in order to do that I need to use my fingers to push the lashes into place and to stick them close to my eyelashes so that they blend better,which would ruin my eye makeup. I then go about putting on my eye shadow primer,eye shadow, liner and finish the look.

    Here is a good tutorial from M.A.C. 
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • I'll post the video that really worked to teach me.  As far as makeup goes, I do it before.  My eyeliner is seriously waterproof and isn't smudged by me touching it.  After the lashes are applied, I go over my eyeliner with black eyeshadow, making sure to pat so that the shadow doesn't get everywhere.  If it's the day of your wedding, I recommend putting mascara on the false lashes.  They really pop.  If you want to use the lashes again, then don't put on the mascara.  

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    I'm also of the school where you do lashes last. If you really wait until the glue is tacky, you shouldn't smudge anything when applying the lashes. Then you can fill over any excess glue (after it dries) with liquid liner.

    Regarding primer, I only user Urban Decay Primer Potion, which is meant for eyes. If a regular face primer works for you, that's great. But if you get any creasing, then try the Urban Decay.
  • I ditto UDPP, its one of my holy grail products. 

    I just realized that I have on falsies in my avatar, lol.
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • thanks ladies!  will try both ways and see which stays on me better. I dont think I will smudge it though since Ill be getting the super waterproof eyeliner :)
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  • i'm going to triple the UDPP suggestion because it actually is the best eyeshadow primer on the market

    and nothing should smudge if you put on lashes last.
    my fave liner is mac fluidline in blacktrack. that stuff DOES NOT MOVE

    also, if you put on lashes first, you run the risk of eyeshadow falling on top of them, like it does on your natural lashes before adding mascara. also, if you don't get them RIGHT on the lashline, you will most likely see a skin gap when you try to put eyeliner over it.

    but experiement and see what works for you


  • Verymegv makes excellent points. You will do a better job with eyeliner if you do it before the lashes. Dark liner applied first will hide any gap between the fake lash and your lashes.

    I also love Mac fluidline. I have blacktrack and just bought dipdown (brown). I'm going to attempt mixing them to get a super dark brown. Anyway, eyelash glue adheres well over fluidline liner.
  • cpfwvucpfwvu member
    I use false eyelashes for community theatre a lot. We always put them on last. My tip is to let the glue set up for about 20 seconds before applying the lash. It'll be a little gummier by then and will stick where you want it more easily.
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