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I tried Wen for the first time this weekend, and so far, I love it!  I've been seeing informercials and as soon as Sephora started carring it I decided to give it a try!  

I've only used it once so far, so I'm gonna wait a few weeks to see if I still like it.  If i do, and decide I want to continue using it I was thinking of getting it through the Wen website, because I know every 3 months they automatically send more and charge ur card.  I think it would be a good deal so I dont always have to worry about running out and forgetting to re-order it.  Has anyone ever ordered through the site?  Have you had any problems with it?  
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    Tell me what you liked about it because I have been thinking of buying fromj QVC please?
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    I know I'm way late on this but thought I'd share- my mom and I had thought about using Wen, so I googled some user reviews, and they were HORRIBLE. Especially for odering through the website. There were dozens of complaints about credit cards being charged and the products never showing up at the person's home, and also horrible reviews for their customer service in trying to right the wrongs. Honestly, it steered us away from trying the product altogether.
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