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Did anyone buy their dress on ebay?

Okay I know how risky this can be. However, my step mom and dad got married in September. Her dress would probably have cost her about $1200 at Davids bridal or a private shop. However, she paid $189 for her dress. Am I crazy for thinking about doing the same thing? Its dresses that come from China for about $200 and they are truly beautiful. My dream dress is $169 I know that in stores here it is $1600. I know its a risk but wouldnt it be so worth it to get the dress you have always dreamed of for almost nothing? Anyone else tried this with any feedback?

Re: Did anyone buy their dress on ebay?

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    IMO, yes it is crazy.  But, if it's worth it to you to risk $170, at least it's not some astronomical amount--as long as you can get it in time to start over if it's a disaster.

    A better route would be to try and find the dream dress at a discounted, reputable salon in your area or gently used from another bride.
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    Maybe try the classified section on TK. A lot of brides sell their dresses cheap on here. I'd be afraid to buy from someone on eBay. I agree with stephie to look for discounted dresses around your area. Maybe their last year dresses are offered cheaper.
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    Don't buy from a Chinease dress reproduction seller.  There are other dresses on ebay - used, samples, etc that are drastically marked down too.  I got my dream dress for less than $200, shipping included, and it is a genuine Watters Wtoo dress.

    Just keep doing your research!  Smile
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    I agree with PP, if you are willing to lose the $ and not be satisfied, then you are willing to risk the great deal! But if you are truly trying to save the money and still get away with the dress it is better not to gamble on something so important and something like your dream dress. You may also want to try they have new and used dresses from other brides and much much more :)
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