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Teeth Whitening

Hi! Has anyone here ever had their teeth professionally whitened?  I am considering it, but before I spend that much money, I want to know that it is worth it & that doing at-home whitening isn't just as or almost as effective as going to a dentist?

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  • One of my fi good friends is a dentist and I asked him if I could make a whitening apt when we were visting a few weeks ago - he told me he thinks the crest white strips coupled with a whitening toothpaste is almost just as good and that is what he always recommends people try before spending the money. I am planning on buying them this week to see how I like it. I have had my teeth professionally whitened once and they looked great - I honestly had compliments for like 2 years but I haven't tried these strips to compare.
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  • There's an Eversave deal right now for at home whitening.  I've done the at home before that a dentist gave me and was thinking about giving this a try since it's only $29:
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  • I did Crest White Strips almost as an afterthought since my teeth are fairly white anyway.  I only did them for 5 days but definitely saw a difference.  I kicked myself later for not starting them sooner.  I thought they worked great.  Some people experience sensitivity to them but I didn't.
  • Thanks, y'all!  I have white strips at home, and I use whitening rinse & toothpaste.  I think I will try the strips before going to the dentist.  My teeth are fairly white as well- I just think about those pictures & they're forever, you know?
  • One time I went to a new dentist and he asked how long ago I had gotten professional whitening done and I was like 'um, I've always just used the strips' and he could not even tell the difference.
  • I use Listerine Total Whitening (in the purple bottle) & I am pretty sure it does a fantastic job, but it BURNS. 

    I feel better now about not doing the professional whitening. 

  • There's a Listerene Pre Brush Whitening Rinse that is AMAZING! You use it just before brushing and it really makes a difference.

    I think that Rembrandt whitening trays work much more quickly than Crest whitestrips. 
  • I tried professional whitening before and it's not a big difference.  The big thing you get is an imprint of your teeth.  Other than that there's no big difference. 
  • The crest white strips are amazing! I also just bought a kit from group on for $29, I'm waiting until March 1st befor I start.
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  • I was told by my dentist the crest 3d white strips work amazingly and they should be tried before a professional whitening if cost is an issue. But whitening will make your teeth more sensitive to cold and everything.
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  • I used to smoke and I drink alot of soda and coffee. Rembrant 2 hr white kit its only like 20 bucks is worth the 2 hours . Great results fast :) Also daily rinse with hydrogen peroxide after i brush helps overall mouth health.
  • Crest Whitestrips :)
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