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Elegant up do for above the shoulder length hair

I have been looking all over for a hair style that is actually for real short hair, but short hair always seems to refer to shoulder length or just below. I have a bob that is growing out, but I don't think it will be shoulder length by my wedding day. I would really love to have a smooth hairstyle like a chignon since curls make me look younger than I already look (I'm almost 27 and people still ask what highschool go to). Is there someway to fake a chignon? I have looked high and low on the internet with no luck, but refuse to believe that its impossible. Maybe difficult, but not impossible. I just don't want to fake an updo by curling my hair and pinning it like a lot of sites suggest. I love the look, but it makes me look 15 and that just won't work for my wedding day! Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Elegant up do for above the shoulder length hair

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