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Oily Skin

Lately my face has been oily :( BOO!

I've been using MK time wise for combination to oily skin and that isn't cutting it anymore.

Any one have any suggestions on products to help cut the oil?

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Re: Oily Skin

  • Milk of Magnesia underneath makeup works wonders. Might sound really weird, but it really works. I'm a makeup hoar and have tried just about everything, but nothing beats this, and at less than $5 a bottle, suggest you do your research and try it out.
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  • I do Clinique for facewash and their Dramatically Different gel for lotion.  That being said, I still get oily about mid-day.  So I use Bare Minerals matte foundation and their Prime Time Oil Control primer underneath to cut down.  I keep oil-blotting strips in my purse for days where it is super out of control.

    If I am going out, I use Make Up Forever and it is AMAZING at keeping me shine-free.
  • If it helps at all, I sell Mary Kay so I have all the crazy oil control stuff. There's an oil control lotion that makes your skin feel like a baby's, and there are also oil blotting sheets. Make sure you are using a moisturizer. Even though it sometimes sounds counterintuitive, it tells your oil glands to switch off. If your skin is tight and dry after washing, your skin goes into hyper mode for producing oil so it's kind of an evil cycle. 
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    Also, don't wash more than twice a day. That will just strip everything. If you have excess oil in the middle of the day, use blotting paper.
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    I used to scrub mine daily in the shower, with a wash cloth and medicated face wash. I bought the Aveno daily scrub and quit with the cloth. It is about half as oily!!! The procucts with medication in them dry your skin out and aggrivate it more. This is my tip. :)
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