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Hi ladies,
My aunt is doing my hair but im trying to collect all the tools etc an need some advice.
I'm going for a down curly style with just a little pinned back to keep out of my face, and my aim is soft romantic curls. Whats better, hot curling iron, velcro rollers or traditional foam rollers? Ive tried velcro rollers but have a hard time getting them to stay in an since tough to get out smoothly curl doesnt seem to hold but i know some people love em.
Also could use hair product suggestions if you have them! I have long thick hair so i definately need something good. Thanks ladies!

Re: Curls

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    You definitely get more control with a curling iron, but it can take longer.
    Are you doing your hair yourself?
    If you are, maybe get a set of hot rollers to hold your hair up in for a long time, and when they are cool, you can take them out and take a curling iron to some of the top pieces to make it look smoother.
    That's what I do when I'm doing my hair curly.

    Foam rollers, in my experience, are hit or miss and can make your hair seriously wonky. And I've never had luck with velcro.
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    I have very thick very straight hair and the best way for me to get curl is hot rollers in my hair for 2+ hours on dry hair with a hair spray or large pin curls overnight with damp hair a little curl cream.  
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