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DIY waxing

Hey girls,

I've never done a bikini wax before and am way too modest to let someone do it for me. I was wondering if anyone knows of good at-home waxing brands and if they have any tips to help me. I figured I would try it out now (since the wedding is still 4 months away) and make sure I don't have any adverse reactions to it. If all goes well I'd like to do it for the wedding/honeymoon.

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Re: DIY waxing

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    Sally Hansen makes a lot of at home waxing products. I haven't used them, but if I did I would start there. 
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    I do it all the time at home, I can't justify the $35-$45 to get it done at the salon. 

    I love the Nair Easy Wax.  It's microwaveable (in a plastic tub) and comes with wooden spatulas.  No strips of fabric or paper, you just spread the wax on and wait a little bit until it hardens/cools, and rip it off.

    Any leftovers you can just reheat at a later date - some people talk about germs getting in the wax but I figure when you heat it really hot, anything that might be in there gets killed.

    They are usually $8-$14 for a tub and it lasts me />2 bikini waxes.
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    if it's simply modesty hold you back from waxing, i would definitely try to go professional. you'll get much better results that way. they're trained to do what they do, and have seen a zillion hoo-hahs in their time.
    the first time i went, it was definitely a weird situation, but if you've gone to a gyno, you can go to a waxer!


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    I've only had my bikini line waxed 3-4 times professionally, and I did it a couple of times at home using Nair stuff, I think.  If you're just worried about modesty, go to a professional, they're used to seeing it.  I do it at home sometimes so that I can walk around and whine in between sections--my first ever pro one kept telling me how she gives herself a Brazilian regularly so I should suck it up.  I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, but it's just not a fun kind of pain to inflict on yourself, and it's over so much faster if you have it done professionally, plus it looks cleaner.  

    If you try at home, make sure you have something to get the stray wax off (not all the sets come with it)--baby oil works ok, but get some beforehand so you're not trying to find your loosest pair of pants to throw on for a drugstore run.  

    ETA: The wax I use is SurgiWax, not Nair.  
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    I've had professional waxing and used the at-home hard wax kits. Definitely go with the pro if you're new to waxing. You get what you pay for IMO. If you're just wanting a little waxing along the bikini line, then at-home is fine, but if you're trying to do a full wax it hurts much less to let the pros handle it. They will be much quicker at ripping off the wax and it doesn't hurt as much to let them handle it because they have a better angle to work from. Once you're familiar with the method, you could try at home and it will be much better than doing it by trial and (painful) error.
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    The first time I went to a pro, I was shy, and she said "Honey, they're (private parts) are like elbows to me, I see them all the time, relax". I'm not brave enough to inflict the pain on myself.

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    I usually use the wax strips, its less messy. Make sure u pull the skin tight and pull fast against the hair growth...this is important for getting the most hair. I also found it  hurts less if u wax right after ur period, for some reason it hurts more the closer u get to ur period. I also found that if u stop in the middle of waxing and wash off the excesss wax u can easily go back to areas where u may have missed some hair and can usually get rid of it all.
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    I agree with previous posts...let the professionals do their job!!  I'm sure your goodies aren't going to impress/disappoint them, you've seen 1, you've seen them all.  Plus, if it's not something you do regularly, you'll never see them again so who cares!  Pay the money, save the time and hassle and go to a salon!
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    I'm inclined to agree... go get it done by a professional.  You still have time to figure it out, so if you have an adverse reaction to it, you can skip it for the wedding/honeymoon.  But as many of the other ladies have said, trying to do it yourself can be difficult, and you can easily miss spots, and have to redo it.  If it's not something you plan on doing regularly (ie: every 3-4 weeks for the next few years), I would say splurge and let the pros do their job!  After all, you only get married once!
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