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How to Prevent

Cold Sores? I know an odd question but every time I get stressed out I get a cold sore on my upper lip that makes my lip look twice as big as it normally is (my lips are normally big).  I have always gotten them since I was a child it's a genetic thing so my doctor says. Like right now I have been stressed with us moving into our first official place together in a week plus the wedding in a month. I am just worried about getting one right before our wedding & either my lip being huge or it's scabbed over. Does anyone know how to prevent a cold sore from coming?
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Re: How to Prevent

  • id say talk w/ your doctor about if there are any preventative mesures you can take or some remedies you can do as soon as one pops up
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  • The best prevention is to actually take Valtrex.  You need to talk to your doctor to get the prescription, but it will help...not cure it as cold sores are actually the Herpes Simplex 1 Virus, which is present in 50% to 80% of the  worlds population.  You can be born with it because your mother passed it to you, or more commonly catch it as  a child because it is extremely contagious...hence why so many have it.  My doctor gave me Valtrex when I was 18, and at 30 now I have only had a cold sore 2 or 3 times when I was very sick. I think it will help you even though it is made for Simplex 2:-)

    Good luck!
  • My dentist writes me a prescription for something...I forget what it's called.  But I know that it is one of those generics that only costs $4 to fill.  Anyway, a prescription is 28 pills and you take 4 a day to make a cold sore go away.  I always keep one on hand!  Anyway, maybe you could do something like that and take it as a preventative measure the week (or two) before?

    I'll try to find the name of that prescription when I go home tonight...
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  • Ive used valtrex (aclovere or something similair is its generic name i believe) but honestly ive found over the counter abreva works as well...or even better since I always keep some in my purse and apply at any tingle. At times i have gotten the tingle and can see a tiny bump forming and this stuff stopped it dead and I avoided the whole clustering and scab phase!! I plan to use the stuff like chapstick 2 to 3 weeks beforehand. I hope thats the best way to do it...but I am sooo scared of having one that day.
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