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What is a good nail polish color for the day of the wedding? My dress is white (vintage style) and I have a tan skin tone. I don't want to do the traditional French tip but I want a classy bridal look.

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  • I found one at my salon that was a very very pale pink - almost cream.  On my toes I had a dark blue Sephora polish.
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  • I am also thinking I will do a very super pale pink on toes & fingers.
  • I'm doing either a simple pearl white or a pale gold, haven't decided which just yet.
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  • I've always thought that Essie had great bridal colors... they have a lot of light pinks, nudes, etc. 

    Also one color that's very "in" right now is beigey purple.  It's a nice alternative to the pale pinks that you normally see.
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  • If you like a natural and pale pink look I can recommend OPI - Mimosas for Mr and Mrs (love the name of it) and Dior no 108. Both are gorgeous :)

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  • I did a very pale pink on my fingers and a bright pink on my toes to show off on my honeymoon.
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  • I agree Essie DOES have great colors. They even released a bridal collection... I'm not married yet, but I did get my nails done with one of their colors, bbf best boyfriend. You should check their collection out.

  • I've doing french manicure.  If I wasn't, I'd probably do a very pale pink because I want to keep it classic looking.
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  • I did an OPI pink called A Dozen Roses.  It's not a sheer pink by any means, but it's not neon either.  It's a pretty light pink that has a pop to it. 
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  • Sonita12 - my theme is red, i'm wearing red shoes and plan on getting red for my polish color.  Great minds think alike!
  • If you're not into the heavy look of a french manicure but still want a color discrepency, try an "American french".  it is much more muted than a "real" french manicure, and looks incredibly natural.  And I agree with many of the posters above, Essie's light pink hues are perfect light bridal colors. 
  • I think I'm going to do pale pink - Orly makes a color called Kiss the Bride which I tried the other day and which is so adorable!


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  • Sort of a sheer, fleshy tone.  Very subtle.
  • I'm doing the French manicure on my nails and bright blue toenails. It's my "something blue" I guess, but pretty much it's the only color I wear on my toes!

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  • My wedding date changed from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012 (fiance's company doing layoffs), and with the season change, so did my color scheme.  But, even with that, I personally don't like a french manicure on me.  I love OPI, and plan to wear Russian Navy on my toes (it's a blue purple shade and my favorite color) and then for my fingers I'm between several colors: Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, Kinky in Helsinki, I'm not really a Waitress, and Diva from Geneva.  If you go to OPI's website, they have something you might want to look at: Try it On Studio.  It's like a virtual nail color tester. 
  • I almost never wear color on my fingernails, mainly because I'm rough on a manicure and I can't keep it chip-free for more than a few days and I didn't want to chance wrecking it before the wedding.

    So the day before the wedding, I had my nails trimmed and shaped and lacquered to death with lots and lots of shiny topcoat.  The result was clean and simple with just a little extra "oomph" and I loved it.  I didn't end up chipping the polish but even if I had you wouldn't have been able to notice with just the clear lacquer.
  • I am thinking of using a silver because that is what the groomsmen are wearing.  My colors are purple and silver.  I am think of doing purple with silver on my toenails--I am wearing open toed shoes.  
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  • I'm going to do a french manicure. As for my toes, I think I going to do a navy blue since it's our accent color. : )
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  • I'm planning on pink - not necessarily pale pink, but not neon pink either, whatever I can find in the middle. Our wedding is in the spring and I too am not the biggest fan of the french manicure, so want instead a cheerful color to go along with the day :)
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