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Got my first airbrush tan today!

I got my very first airbrush tan today, we are having our engagement pictures made tomorrow so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  If it turned out terrible the photographer is flexible so what the heck.  lol

I love it!  It isn't orange at all like I had a strange fear of it being.  It actually looks like I've been out in the sun and gotten a real tan. 

Whatever kind the salon used on me though was visible as soon as she did it.  I didn't have a 4 or 5 hour lag time where the color gradually got darker.  She said to expect to see some color come off in the morning in the shower but it shouldn't effect the color. 

I'm a convert.  I'll probably go twice a month or so now.

Just thought I'd share since some of you were thinking about doing it.
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Re: Got my first airbrush tan today!

  • Awesome, I've never thought about it but may now. This may be a really dumb question but, can you still getna sun burn?
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  • I really want to do this, but I'm getting married outside in June and I'm worried it will rub off on my dress...has anyone heard of that happening?
  • I got a spray tan for my high school prom (years ago) a few days before the actual dance, and it didn't rub off. Right after I got it done it rubbed off on my clothes a little, but after I showered I had no problem with it. It lasted almost 2 weeks I want to say. 
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  • brooke-  I LOVE spray tans :) Glad you're doing these instead of tanning beds.

    jujub - get the tan done two days before your wedding, be sure not to loofah or exfoliate when you shower, and it will not rub off at all! I get them done a lot and have never had that problem, even when wearing a white swim suit, the color stays put. 

    jtoly - YES you can DEFINITELY get a sun burn. Spray tans do not protect you from sun damage whatsoever, so you should wear a sunscreen if you're outside. Also, just so you know, having a "base tan" from the sun or tanning beds doesn't protect you from burning either. Any change in your skin's color from tanning beds or the sun is a sign of skin damage - the skin cells produce melanin (what gives you the tan color) to try and protect themselves against the sun. That's why people think you won't get burned, but you will. The red color just won't be as noticeable because of the tan you already have, but the damage will be just as bad. I'm a melanoma survivor, so I've become very informed on tanning issues :)
  • Thanks, I figured as much! I did a huge report in college on tanning beds VS the sun but air brushing was not popular then.
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  • Just FYI, I got my airbrush tan done about 4:30 pm and was told to let it rest overnight, I did, I wore a white tee and grey yoga pants, a white bra and panties and I didn't have anything rub off on my clothes at all, not even after sleeping in them (and I was looking for it) lol.  When I did shower this morning it looked like mud was washing off my body but surprisingly it didnt' effect the color a lot, it was still about the same shade.  We had our engagement pictures made outside today and the clothes I wore didn't have any rub off at all on them.  I was pleased.

    And yes, you will still get a sunburn even with an airbrush tan.  The tan basically just paints your skin, it doesn't change your skin makeup so if you're prone to burn then you will burn right thru that paint.

    I wouldn't ever do an airbrush tan the same day as my wedding, just because I don't like the smell, plus JUST IN CASE I wouldn't want anything rubbing off on my dress.  The smell isn't terrible or anything but I have a super sensitive nose so I do smell it.   I'd go 2 or so days ahead of time and that should be good, that way you have showered a couple of times and have no chance of rub off.  Plus you can adjust your makeup (thank goodness I had some darker foundation because seriously, the lighter would have looked terrible)

    I did the airbrush tan though, where an actual human sprays you.  I don't have any experience with the booths where you go in and a machine does it for you.  I haven't heard as good of things about those, they aren't as even because they spray the same no matter what size or height you are. 

    Like I said I'll probably go several times a month (twice maybe) it really does make me look healthier. 
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  • jujub- NO you CANNOT get a sunburn from the spray tan. It's 100% cosmetic. YES you CAN still burn in the sun. It doesn't protect you at all from that. 

    Glad you liked the spray tan OP. I am a fan as well, but do not like airbrush tans and I know a lot of people are bigger fans of those than the spray. I love the way it makes my face's complexion look so flawlessly even. :) 
  • I have a question-- I heard that if you go in the pool/ocean it will make it look streaky and weird. I want to get one a few days before my wedding, but then I'll be headed to the honeymoon... and I don't want to look weird during my first week of marriage! Is that true? Thanks!
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