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my skin is a mess-help?

I've always had pretty good skin.  Never had pimples as a teenager, but apparently I'm getting adult acne.  I saw a dermatologist (for something else, but he mentioned the acne) and he prescribed a medication for me.  It's a blood pressure medication that for some reason helps clear adult acne in young adult females.  Who knew?

Anyway.  In addition to the acne (which isn't the main problem) I'm noticed a TON of dryness!  My nose always gets a bit flaky, but I'm getting what looks like eczema patches around my upper lip/nose, and DIRECTLY under my bottom lip.  But then right around that is where all my breakouts are.

I'm afraid to get a moisturizer that's too hydrated, because I'm worried that it won't be non comedogenic.  Any estheticians out there--help?  I've had facials.  I use good products.  What the heck is going on with my skin!
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Re: my skin is a mess-help?

  • I would advise you see a dermatologist.  But the good news is you have plenty of time to figure it out before the wedding.
  • i get really dry skin on my face in the winter (patchs all over) and i just use a thick lotion at night and in the morning and that seems to help some

    its been my experience with facials and dry skin is that it only irritates the area if i do it to much, too long, or scrub...so for me i have to stay away from facials while having facial skin irritation
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    Scrubbing and more facials will definitely make it worse. Been there done that -- I treated my skin like gold... lots of facials and lots of expensive scrubs and products. Sometimes overdrying your skin will make you breakout more. I found when I stopped getting so many facials and started using lots of moisturizer I would break out and peel less. You might try going back to your derm and asking why its happening, and make sure you tell them exactly what you use on your face that way they can help you best. You might also try looking at online reviews of your new prescription. It might cause dryness.
  • Dehydration.  Try just simply drinking more water.  I have started to do this and my skin has improved dramatically.  It isn't always about applying a moisturizer but actually nurturing our bodies from the inside out.
  • I'm an esthetician and I wish I could help more but without actually seeing your face it's hard to actually know what's going on. PPs are right on all accounts. It could be your new medicine, it could be lack of water, it could be an allergy to a product that's making your skin dry and flaky and alot of times it will present itself around the mouth and nose. Your best bet is to see your dermatologist again. I know it's hard to get all your questions out because so many dermatologists try and get you in and out so quickly, so write down your questions and be persistent. If you don't feel like  you've made much progress at the Derm I would see your regular esthetician, one that you can trust. He/She may be able to help you figure out the problem through process of elimination.
    PM if you have any more questions. Good Luck with everything!
  • Are you sure it stared before you started taking the BP meds? My FI is on BP meds and he has been getting a dry patch by his eyebrow. If he doesnt take it for a few days it goes away. He thought it was the meds too, and hes going to the Dr. Thursday and asking if that may be a side affect.
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    I'm curious as to what type of Rx the doctor put you on.  I've been seeing a dermatologist for acne since I was in fifth grade, and I am a healthcare student, but have not yet heard of this.

    I would mention it to your dermatologist, but chances are, he or she will point you to a OTC moisturizer.  I recommend Neutrogena oil-free moisture spf 15.  It costs under $10.  It is the most amazing oil-free moisturizer ever.  And this is coming from someone suffering from severe acne and dryness from a slew of Rx's.

    On that note, I recommend this moisturizer especially if you have oily skin.  After you cleanse your skin, your skin isn't overcompensating for the dryiness by producing more oil, which is what happens when you do not moisturize.  Do not skip moisturizer!
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  • This REALLY worked for me. I have combo skin that is acne prone. Cheeks get very dry, nose tends to be a little oily.(The best advice I got was to focus on skin care from all angles, not just products, but also life style choices) I would start now:

    1. multi vitamin daily
    2. Lots of water (even though some people say you don't need this, it made a HUGE difference for me to drink 8 glasses a day)
    3. no sugary drinks and decrease sugary foods/white flour foods
    4. Cod liver oil every night (one teaspoon, available at whole foods-just trust me, does not taste bad)
    5. Make up remover (clinique eye make up remover) all over face (at night before washing my face)
    6. Face Wash day and night, don't ever skip this no matter how tired you are (Body shop tea tree oil-not the foaming one) (I have heard the clinique 3-step is great as well)
    7. Tone (body shop seaweed toner)
    8. Moisturize (clinique dramatically different moisturizer day and night) (I got rid of my aveeno moisturizer with SPF, I didn't realize it was much too heavy for me even though it said oil-free non-comodegenic, which they all say. I use my clinique moisturizer now and rely on my liquid makeup for the SPF protection instead. I think this change made the biggest difference in my skin
    9. exercise daily (for improved circulation and stress reduction, even if it is just a brisk walk on some days-something more intense at least 3 days a week)
    10. Disinfect cell phone, computer key pad, remote control, purse handle, steering wheel, car key as often as possible (at least a few times a week)
    12. vitamin e oil on any dark spots from previous blemishes
    13. 100& tea tree oil (available at whole foods) on any blemishes
    14. Apply liquid foundation with washed hands (not sponge or brush)
    15. Fresh towel regularly
    16. Fresh pillow case regularly
    17. use blue tooth instead of cell as much as possible
    18. exfoliate once a week with st ives apricot scub (Do this very gently. If you can afford a better exfoliator that is more gentle use it 2-3 times a week)
    19. Eat healthy-lean proteins, good carbs, lots of vegetables and fruit (low sodium v8 juice after workouts for me-this made a big difference)
    20. Smile as much as possible !

    Hope this helps!
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