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Hair Extensions?

Hi Ladies!

Well, its looking like my hair won't be long enough for the updo I had in mind. Anyone had luck with hair extensions? Cost? Salon provided or order online and have your wedding day stylist put them in?

TIA for the help!
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Re: Hair Extensions?

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    I wear Sally's clip on extensions.  They are $80.  My MUA put them in for me and did my hair for the wedding (but I wear them all the time on my own).  You can't even tell it's not my real hair.
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    [QUOTE]I also love clip in extensions because they are more affordable and no committment.  I wouldn't order online, you need to match the color with your hair.  Try Sally's Beauty Supply.  I like the Euronext brand that are made with Remy hair - it's the best quality hair you can buy. <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> ,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair16 Depending on if your hair is highlighted, you may need to purchase 2 colors and mix them which I how I wear mine.
    Posted by pinkpinot[/QUOTE]

    These are what I wear in Blonde Frost.  I just tweaked my own color to get them to match perfectly.
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    I wear clip in extensions all the time... also did for my wedding (PIB).  I go through my stylist and spend about $160 and they last about 9 months.

    DO IT! :)
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    I did clip-ins for my wedding also. I ordered them online, but I got a sample first to make sure they were the right color. They matched perfectly. I thought I would need two sets but lucked out and only needed one. If there's a large difference between the length of your own hair and the extensions, you may need two. I paid about $60 for 14" human hair extensions.
    Getting them done in a salon is much more expensive, and the cost varies on what method they use to apply the extensions. It can cost upwards of $1,000.
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    I purchased 2 hair pieces for $35 a pieace called "Tiffany" from for my wedding updo. They're attached to these combs that slide right in, I'm just putting my real hair in a bun and twisting the pieces around it.

    The only sucky thing is they pretty much accept no returns no matter what the reason, so if you have a hard time matching your hair color, you might want to see if you can find a location to at least get "matched" at.

    But, otherwise, the hair looks real. I've been told by a few people "I know you don't have that much hair (I don't, it's really thin and uncooperative) ... but I can't figure out what you did".

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    There is a reason some are cheap and some are expensive. If you are gonna wear them go the expensive rout. You can always tell when they are cheap.

    If you only want them for your wedding day, get clip in. If you want them for a long time then fusion are great! They look very real and can stay in 4-6 months. (beware they can cost up to $2500)

    I have a friend who has fusion. she gets them re-done every few months and has had them for like 2 years. She loves them!

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