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Makeup Day of Wedding Scheduling Help!

Okay, I just received my contract from the make-up artist I shall be using on my wedding day. On the contract it looks like I fill in the time schedule on when she should arrive at the venue to start the makeup. I am going to be getting married at noon and she is traveling to our location. We know for sure five people in all including myself are getting their makeup done and possibly three more which she said to give extra time in case if one of them will change their mind. I guess when would be a good time to have her arrive on location, because the hairstylist will be traveling and personally I'll want to oversee everyone getting the venue ready. If anyone can help it would be lovely!

Re: Makeup Day of Wedding Scheduling Help!

  • We are going to the salon as my suite is only open for 2hrs...we are doing a 4hr slot from 8am-12 That is for two BMs and myself. They state the bride takes about 2hrs usually. And an hour per other head/make up
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    Yes, you need to allow 1.5-2 hours for yourself and 1 hour for each BM, for both hair and makeup.  For you, your hair will probably take longer than your makeup, for the BMs, allow 30 minutes for hair and 30 minutes for makeup. 

    Remember -- you are getting married at noon, but you need to take the time that you have to be READY, and then back it up from there.  You also need to allow 30 minutes or so to dress.

    Just to give you an example, let's say you have to be ready at 11:30 am.  I would plan to get dressed at 11, which means you need to start hair and makeup for yourself no later than 9:30 am.  With just one makeup artist, you are going to need to start around 7:00 am. for 5 people.  Once a BM has their makeup done, they can move on to hair, and so on until it's your turn.

    If your hair and makeup people are bringing assistants, this would cut the time in half.  One person cannot possibly do makeup for 8 people alone. 

  • Is there any way you can work out the timing with your hair and make-up artist?  I got an email from my hair and make-up artist a few weeks ago with a timeline for the day and I felt completely lost.  I emailed her back and asked if that was something we could work on together since I have no experience with that kind of stuff and she does weddings and events almost every weekend.  So I plan on working that out with mine when I go in for my trial.
  • Hello,

    I'm recently new to the boards/site and future bride to be and a makeup artist as well as hair stylist. In doing onsite hair/make up for brides and bridal party it's best to schedule more time. I would say it depend how many are getting ready in your party. Also, since your getting married at noon it will be a pretty early call as I am assuming your going to do pictures before the wedding. I say 6-7 am just to be safe.

    Hope this helps!
  • I DIYed my makeup and I gave myself an hour and half to do it.  That was to ensure that I had time to start all over again if I needed to (I didn't).  So my makeup was done really early.  I wanted to start getting dressed about 15 minutes before the videographer and photographer arrived.  I wanted all of my undergarments in place.  They came when I actually put on the dress.  
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