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Glasses or no glasses?

I was wondering what the general opinion was on wearing glasses on the wedding day? I wear glasses (I've never tried contacts) and have never thought twice about it before, but with getting married I'm concerned with whether I should wear my glasses or contacts on the wedding day for pictures and the reception. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Re: Glasses or no glasses?

  • I say wear what you are comfortable with. If you are concerned with glasses on your wedding day, then maybe get some contacts now and try them out. That way you know before the wedding if you are comfortable wearing them. You definitely dont want your eyes to be irritated all day on your wedding day.
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  • I agree with PP.  If you've never worn contacts before, try them out and see if they are you.  You'll be wearing them all day/night and can be uncomfortable if you aren't used to them.
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  • Although I haven't worn them in years I plan on going for them in march, for my November wedding.  I know due to my prescription and my past experience that it isn't going to be easy for me to find a comfortable pair. So, I am starting very early.  I don't have the option to take them off for pictures due to them correcting my lazy eye.  

  • I'm going with contacts. I wear glasses most days but I alwayswhip them off for photos, and really don't want them on for my wedding.
  • Im in the same situation. I think im  gonna try the contacts out a few months early. If i like them ,Ill probably wear them for the ceremony and pics atleast. If i get tired of them during the reception ,ill just have my glasses handy. But whatever makes you most comfortable should be what you do
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    My main concern would be with glasses glare in pictures. I wouldn't want to risk it myself. I generally am not big on glasses for weddings because I feel that they take away from the hair and makeup and might not cooperate with the veil. They also age people-- my friend wore hers and she looked much older than if she would have taken them off. If you're wanting to try contacts, I agree with pps-- get them now to try. They aren't so bad and you can always take them out after the ceremony if you like. 
  • I had this same issue.  I decided this past summer that I didn't want to wear glasses in our wedding pictures.  I had never worn contacts before so I went to the eye doc and tried them.  I love them now and don't wear glasses except like once a month.
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  • I always wore glasses. This year, I tried contacts for this EXACT reason. In the beginning, I still preferred my glasses but after a few months, for most occasions / even gong out the weekends, I now wear my contacts.
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  • wear what you feel comfortable in...try out contacts and see if you like them. if not, stick with the glasses
  • Now might be a good time to try out contacts.  A wedding is as good an excuse as any!

    Above all, make sure you look like yourself on your wedding day!  If you try out contacts before your wedding and start incorporating them into your look, then I think contacts might be the way to go.  But, don't just only wear your contacts on your wedding day.  Your husband-to-be fell in love with you, glasses and all, and he wants to see YOU on your wedding day, not some weird version of you.  And, a wedding is a celebration of the marriage you're starting, so I think you should start the marriage as you, not in a "costume."

    I knew one couple where the bride got her hair and make up professionally done... she looked good, but she didn't look like herself... the groom almost didn't recognize her and started crying!  Definitely not something you want happening to you!

    In the end, do what you feel most comfortable in, and be yourself, whether that's in glasses or in contacts!
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