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Gel nail woes

I just thought I would share my woes from a trial run I had for gel nails (OPI) at a very expensive salon nearby. After five days I had a chip!!! I thought that wasn't supposed to happen for two weeks. They looked flawless until then. I was beyond happy. Now three nails are chipped (9 days later).

I will be going Thursday for another manicure before the wedding. I'll still stick with the Gel because I doubt they will get ruined in two days, and they did look gorgeous. But after that never again. Too much money.

Re: Gel nail woes

  • I get gels every two weeks. Though they do stay on much longer than a regular manicure (and I'd gotten regular manicures for years), they are still not infallible. Depending what I'm doing (whether I'm working with my hands a lot or doing a lot of housework, etc), I will also sometimes get a chip within a week. Generally, they look good for about 10 days for me. At my salon, it's only an extra $10 on top of a regular manicure (which only last a few days for me), so for me, it's worth it. But it doesn't work for everyone.

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  • I was obsessed with gel manicures for 4 months, following my engagement. I loved how beautiful they looked and wanted to show off my ring while always having perfect nails. I usually get regular manicures, but I do work with my hands and sometimes chemicals. Could never keep a manicure more than a week and never dark colors. Thought gel nails were the answer, and not as damaging as acrylics. 


    After 4 months of gel manicures every 2 weeks, my nails are thin and peeling. They started cracking and peeling a few days in and I'd have to go back and have them patched w/ acrylic powder -totally defeating the purpose!! The gel is just as bad as acrylic. Don't get gels on a regular basis. Let your nails breathe and just get regular manicures.

    Reserve the gel manicures for special occasions. I know I will get one before my wedding and honeymoon and maybe my bachelorette and/or shower. But never again on a regular basis, forget about it!! Terrible and a waste of money for sure.

  • Have you tried shellac?  I tried it out a few months ago and it lasted 2 weeks.  I will be doing shellac for our wedding.
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  • If you want to avoid chips you need to use shellac nail polish.  I won't do anything but shellac.  it is worth the extra money and my nails are rock hard before I walk out the door.
  • I love my gel manicures, I can go 3 weeks without a chip and it has made my nails stronger.
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  • I think it depends on the salon you go to.  I got a gel manicure on vacation at the shore in September and it lasted more then 2 weeks.  Then I got one at the place around the corner from my house and it lasted about a week and a half.  Then I got one at the salon around the corner from my job and it chirped in exactly a week.  So maybe you need to try a different salon.
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