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Eyebrow Distress

A few years ago, I had my eyebrows reshaped and I hated the way they turned out, so I got a little tweezer happy and overplucked (to put it lightly) my once full and beautiful eyebrows. I'm 4 months away from my wedding and I have tried a few things to make them grow in but nothing has really worked. I have taken prenatal vitamins, hair skin & nail vitamins, used Nioxin, and I have tried to fill them in with wax & powder, but I just end up looking shocked. Has anyone ever used Latisse on their eyebrows? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do? I don't want to look like my brows were drawn on with a Sharpie in my wedding photos!

Thanks :)
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Re: Eyebrow Distress

  • get a powder wax combo. Anastasia has some great ones. In combo with the rest of your make up it will look totally fine! If you're doing pro make up, she'll be able to do it for you and have it look amazing. My lady made my brows look just waxed when I hadn't had them done yet and with the rest of my make up on it looked natural!
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  • Most of the time I fill them in with something I got from Avon..it's a pen that has little fibers in it and you draw them on, but if you arent exact, you end up looking like a goofball! I'm hoping since I have 4 months left they can grow in a little bit more and then my MUA can make them look better.

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  • One of the side effects of Latisse is that it can cause darkening of the eyelid skin.  I think its a pretty rare side effect, but definitely one to be aware of.  I'd hate for you to be even more self-conscious of your eyebrows!  Best of luck to you, lady. :)
  • While googling the subject, I read about using Olive oil, Vaseline or Castor Oil.  Using a q-tip to spread it on your brow in the direction of the growth in the area that you want it to grow.

    Olive oil - quick growth.
    Vaseline - thicker growth.
    Castor oil - thicker and quick.

    I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS WORKS!! But I have the same problem. I'm 3 months from my wedding and had a friend pluck my eyebrows in middle school and since then they've never grown back nearly as thick or in the same areas.  Does anyone know if these work?
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