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So, I met with my venue planner. I will be getting married at a country club that is only about ten miles from my home here in Indian Wells, CA..My planner told me the brides room will not be available before the wedding at the Club due to another event happening there the same day but something called the locker room was. It is a very nice place overall, but I did not look at the locker room so now I am imagining the worst. Do you get fully ready at your venue or half ready at home and dress at the venue or what? Also, the hair and makeup lady comes to the venue? For how long is appropriate? And the price???Any thoughts or ideas on this is greatly appreciated. :) 

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    This is definitely something you need to talk to your make-up artist about if you already have one.  See if they are willing to travel and usually they will have a day of schedule for you to fill out, at least mine did.  If not then think about what works best for you.  Do you want to get hair and make-up done at one place then go to your venue to dress or do you want just one place to have everything done?  

    For me, I found a make-up/hair artist to travel to my venue since there really isn't anything near my venue.  She sent me a flow chart for the day and told me to allow 30 minutes for bridesmaids hair and 30 minutes for their make-up and then allow an hour for each for me.  So my make-up/hair artist will be bringing additional people but they will be there for about 4 hours since we're starting hair/make-up around 12:00.
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    It's easy for me since my MOH is my hair and makeup artist, but I'm getting halfway ready at the hotel and then the rest ready at the place since I can only get there 3 hours beforehand. I would feel too rushed if I was just getting ready there instead of having the whole day to get it done.
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