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Any Invisalign brides out there?

I just met with an orthodontist yesterday afternoon and am planning to go forward with Invisalign treatment. I will be 35 in December and had braces back in 7th-8th grade but I believe some of my front teeth shifting again (which I am super self conscious about) are because I wasn't good at wearing retainers afterward. By the time I start I'll only be about 6 months through the 9 month plan at the time of my wedding on May 25 but I think it's still worth it.

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Re: Any Invisalign brides out there?

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    I started the Invisalign program in March of this year and my wedding is next June. I just want to warn you of one thing in particular that might bother you about having Invisalign overlap with your wedding day. While the liners are cool themselves, they have dips and grooves in them that require your orthodontist to put a tooth colored "button" onto your actual tooth. It sometimes looks like you have something on your teeth. These stay on permanantly the entire time you have your Invisalign, so while you may take your liners off the day of your wedding, these tooth colored buttons will STILL be on your teeth. Its not noticible in pictures (unless they're REALLY close up) but they are able to see with the nake eye from about an arm's length away.

    Your decision. I will be having all of these taken off before my wedding because my Invisalign process will be done the month before. 
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    *naked. Also forgot to mention the point of the "buttons" are to allow the liners to get a better hold on your teeth. 
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    excellent point, this is something you don't always have right away, in my case i had them added halfway through the process.  just work with your dentist.  i did invisalign for just over a year, and asked my dentist to remove the 'buttons" as you call them for an important event.  it's not a major issue, simply took 15 minutes to grind them off, then she replaced them the next week.  

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    I just finished my invisalign and had a button right on one of my top front teeth.  After reading this post I went through and looked at some recent pictures and I really had to look hard to see it unless the picture was kind of from the side (which even then it didn't stick out).  I def feel less self-conscious about smiling now that I'm done.  If you feel like you will be more confident about your smile halfway thru the process, go for it, but if you feel like that self-consciousness will be "replaced" by having this button then it's kind of 6 of 1, half dozen of another.  Ask your orthodontist and see what he/she says.  It'd be awesome if they could just grind it down like the above post indicated.  Good luck, you're going to love your teeth when it's all done!
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    I have Invisalign now and should be finished by my wedding next September, barring any refinements.  My ortho assured me that the "buttons" could be removed easily for an event, and replaced when finished.  They're such a perfect match for my teeth though that I have trouble seeing them if I don't tilt my head a certain way, specifically looking for them.
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